the hasidic jewish community had brooklyn looking like a scene outta gotham city last night

new yawk is more and more starting to look like gotham these days.
crime is on the rise and we have no batman to rescue us.
if we wanna really go there,
the whole country is being held hostage by the joker.
only a super villain would hold stimulus checks ransom if he doesn’t get another term.
vote or die.
he has created so much chaos that the civilians are starting to rebel.
here in new yawk,
cuomo and de blasio have started shutting down various communities due to the rona rise.
the hasidic jewish community wasn’t feeling it so they went full “arkham city” last night…

Members of an Orthodox Jewish community started a bonfire in the middle of a Borough Park, Brooklyn street on Tuesday night, as the community protested a new local lockdown. 

Borough Park is among nine New York City zip codes set to go into a new lockdown on Friday, to address a spike in coronavirus cases. The lockdown, imposed by Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, will include closing schools and nonessential businesses, banning mass gatherings, and restricting houses of worship to no more than ten people.

All nine neighborhoods are home to Orthodox Jewish populations, according to The New York Times, and the lockdown announcement comes as they celebrate the Sukkot holiday.

if batman was real,
this might have been the answer:

with the loss of power comes great rebellion.
i’m only seeing white folks having a fit over not wear a mask.
like i’ve said and fonted many times…

How selfish is it to protest something that is supposed to save your life/someone else?

 for example:

the privilege over not wearing a damn mask is absolutely vile.
it’s funny how this decade is showing how fragile some of these folks really are.

lowkey: i really enjoyed playing arkham city.
it was my fav outta the series.

article cc: business insider

10 thoughts on “the hasidic jewish community had brooklyn looking like a scene outta gotham city last night

  1. Like ” Kanye’s Presidential bid ” Trump( his people) are behind this.

    These idiots are Puppets of Israel’s ‘Corrupt” President and Trump Loyal Ally . [ Not all Jews or Israel citizens support him ]

    He and his cronies are influencing these guys to demonstrate. It does not represent the Jewish community at large!! Just as we Americans don’t all endorse or support Trump.

    We can not allow Trump,The Russians ,or anyone divide us and cause more chaos!!

    This Large group of clowns fell for it . ( dumb)

  2. they are acting a fool in bk right now.
    check out this entire twitter thread…

  3. I remember when people were trying to drag Louis Farrakhan for calling the Jews what they really were.

    Then they weaponize “Anti-semitism” like it’s the same a racism when Jewish people literally run a lot of cities, especially on the east coast.

    They’re literally white trash, but more educated, rich, and connected.

  4. America is at a tipping point. Truths, Ideals and beliefs have collided to a point of no return.

    This is the last election where we will see a two party system.

    Joe will win—-but things will get worse, especially when he enacts a nationwide mask mandate.

  5. Well they know why they behave that way because America let them fell that way. Funny thing is ISRAEL is having a lock down as they have seen a spike in infection so guess what FUCK THEM…and I hope Cuomo stands firm and face these selfish MF–or tell them to go to their fucking country and burn in the streets of Israel and lets see how Netanyahu deal with it ..selfish MF

    1. Can we stop with the bullshit “go to your fucking country” line it’s dumb, and only used against minorities (blacks, jews, etc.). I bet most of these niggas were born here. Besides, other countries ain’t even letting US citizens in. Other than that yah it’s selfish

  6. Selfish set of people! I go jogging in Queens and I can tell you that no one Jewish or Jewish presenting is wearing masks. Entire children and families walking down the block like shit is sweet. Not in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, or Flushing. The reason why they don’t extend the letter of the law to them is because it will be seen as Anti-Semetic. We know it is not. But unlike our community, the Jewish community has the influence, money, and solid organizations to take on just about anything in America. And they yell that loud, hard, and long enough for it to do damage. I just went on Citizen and they won’t even self let you comment on the video. Were there any arrests made for disorderly conduct?

    We never getting rid of this virus. America’s ideal of personal freedom and individuality is being weaponized against it, unknowingly by its own citizens, no less. Ironic kinda.

    1. ^so on point on the jewish influence.
      they can do whatever they want because they have the power to do so.
      this is why they won’t arrest anyone in what took place last night.
      we already know.
      if it was black folks down there causing a ruckus,
      it would be death/jail.
      we don’t have the power like they do.

      all this hasn’t reached uptown yet,
      but i’m sure it’s gonna get up here eventually.

      1. That was my first thought looking at those clips. If that were blacks acting like that, there would be police out the yin-yang in that clip! They would be suited up and the whole nine! Would be callin gus animals, savages, etc.
        Instead I saw TWO Sheriff’s deputies trying to stop a mob. Like WTH?!!

        Blacks could have the power if we could put aside the selfish thoughts and the mindset that the next man is trying to get over on them. If THAT could happen, we could be just as powerful as the Jewish community and some Hispanic communities. I say some, because many Hispanics can be just as hateful towards their own…just like Asian and Middle Easterners.

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