The Game is Playing “The Outing Game”


Jay Z Voice…

We knew when we heard rapper The Game mouthing off about gay rappers locked in the closet — that it was only a matter of time before he outed one (or more) of them.

The Game disclosed what most of the industry already guessed: that rapper 50 Cent enjoys a good, strong back stroke every now and then. The Game inadvertently outed Fiddy while responding to a tweet from @TMZ on his Twitter page today., which is run by entertainment attorney Harvey Levin — an out and proud gay man, tweeted: “@TheGame believes closeted gay men spread AIDS by “fooling” women to have sex with them”.

The Game quickly responded: “They do, ask @Oprah,” — before tweeting this:

50 been raping him ever since he got booted out of G Unit…
so I see how he came to this conclusion.
Game is not scared these days huh?
I’m not mad at him.
He is selling so time he spoke up against his tormentors.

May the force by with you…
and let’s hope it comes with a bullet proof force field.

11 thoughts on “The Game is Playing “The Outing Game”

  1. Yeah come to think of it however, I really don’t recall any successful rapper not making those lists lol. However I agree with you is that my experience with many str8 black men who always seem to have gays on the brains have dabbled at some point, want to dabble or are fearful of dabbling at some point in their immediate future.

  2. Gee for me working in the industry I remember the game making some of the “DL rapper” lists whatever that is worth lol

  3. Ew @ 50 cent. no, No, NO can we give him back to the straights?

    No but seriously the fact that he said it about 50 makes it possibly untrue. Everyone knows he does not care for Curtis. He could easily spin that into “Oh I meant gay as in lame”.

    1. Twitter can actually be entertaining. I have 2 accounts. 1 ”normal” one sexual…The sexual one is where I can follow guy who post pictures of their no no parts and what not. I’ll do it as well from time to time *blush* it’s fun. I think I even seen jamari in his dralwz on tumblr 🙂 he has a lil bubble.heehee

  4. I said this in the other post on Game, his intentions start out well. He genuinely wants to stop the spread of AIDS…He talks about it on twitter often. The conversation always leads to gay talk, which leads to which rapper is gay talk…Its the Biploarism he suffers from. He’s misguided. It’s too bad because he has something to say, but…Oh well. The mans got albums to sell…He sees TMZ reporting on him as a way to do that.smh. He doesn’t get it. They reported on his fight a couple weeks ago, him tweeting the sherrifs number, they reported on him being kicked out of the restaurant the other day, then they reported on him making comments about gays. He thinks the folks on tmz are his friends, he doesn’t see that if it aint negative, they aint reporting it. And not all press is good press. That only works for White folks, and Mexicans with the last name Sheen. Going after 50 won’t boost sells. News flash-people dnt care about him anymore just like they don’t care about you. Unless he’s doing something stupid of course. The RED album is actually pretty cool tho…

      1. Yes he needs to sit down. I’m actually a fan. Bought 2 copies of his new cd, but dude needs to take his meds as directed not just when he feels like

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