The Fox Monster


This track had me so amp this weekend.
I had this on repeat and went out feeling unstoppable.
Call me: The Fox Monster.

“if I’m fake I ain’t notice cause my money ain’t” – Nicki
“All I see is these fake f-cks with no fangs
tryna draw blood with my ice cold veins” – Jay


“I’m living the future so the presence is my past
my presence is a present kiss my ass” – Kanye


Nicki KILLED this track.
Murdered it.

I won’t lie.
Aside from all the weird behavior,
she can spit.


2 thoughts on “The Fox Monster

  1. My friend whos like Jay-Z’s number one fan even said nicki killed the track better than he did. And thats huge coming from him. I fuckin love her!!!

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