Tap That Guy…. Because He Nearly Fought My Ass

i always see this asshole every time i go to times square.

this gorilla damn near tried to fight me because i pulled my phone out to snap his picture.
yet, he let all of the lily white gays take his picture/video though.
you can read about that whole situation here.

funny how i find out how much secrets about him.
i just don’t get these stupid niggas in this world today.

10 thoughts on “Tap That Guy…. Because He Nearly Fought My Ass

  1. you’re black that’s why. Are you light skin enough? No. So no he works THAT hard to impress people “better than him” Sad but true

  2. This dude screams “Gay for Pay” to me, NYC cost of living aint no joke and I know bills must be paid and standing on the street corner flexing may be cute and all but surely it aint paying the rent. I guess he is probably making side deals for some one on one training sessions with some of his non-ethnic fans and he thinks the Bro’s are bad for business. If you are in the public domain performing why would you think you are immune to people taking your picture, in this camera phone/video obsessed society we live in. This jerk needs to take several seats.

  3. I wonder why he won’t let u take pics of him? It’s kinda strange. Does he mess with niggas on the low or something?

  4. Funny. Just saw him in Times Square yesterday, with another brother. Both flexing shirtless. His paranoia is as misplaced as his overinflated ego.

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