The NFL Is Not Playing With These Baller Wolves This Year!!!!

do you guys see all these massive cuts this season?!?!
i know vince young, terrell owens, shawne merriman,  and plaxico burress just got the boot.
if you are messing with a nfl baller wolf, you better check this list NOW….


*list is always updating.

so i have to ask….

when a baller wolf gets cut, how does he make money?
can he apply for unemployment?

i always wondered…

9 thoughts on “The NFL Is Not Playing With These Baller Wolves This Year!!!!

  1. YAWN!!! shakes off cobwebs turns on to favorite blog and picks up where i left off. WHATS UP FOX HOLE IM BBBBAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!

    on to the subject matter damn that fucked up about so many baller wolves getting cut. but we all know you cant play football forever so these wolves need to get on their grind. i still find it fucked up for hard knocks giving the last 10 mins of Chad Johnson getting cut. ya know we all talk about JaMarcus Russell but he was smart enough to get his money and dip. they should have done that or called it quits when they knew it was about to come

  2. Is it corporate anything responsibility to “care” in that way? No. At the end of the day, they’re adults who knew what they were getting into and CHOSE football over baseball and basketball (going after the most popular sport instead of the most financially rewarding ones). with all the info about athletes going broke, to not prepare for that and spend like you’re is personal neglect. teams ain’t gotta cover that. if you blow your wages n salary, can’t go complaining to hr. that’s on YOU!

    Besides, it’s exactly b/c the risks involved with football and the size of the rostet that teams can’t afford to guarantee contracts. who’s gonna guarantee $100 million when there’s a high probability that your career may be over in a year.

  3. It’s just like corporate America. They use you, abuse you, and then drop you like you’re contagious.

    I will say that when you are fortunate enough to make the kind of money that they were making, you need to ensure that your finances are well taken care of, stop taking care of everyone, and keep a tight circle of people who have your best interest at heart.

    S/N: New money can be a dangerous thing.

  4. If there ever was a “I dont give a fuck about you” corporation, its the NFL. That list was disheartening, all the blood, sweat, and sacrifice that these dudes give and you have no security from year to year, whether new player or veteran. It seems like only a scant few really make any money when its all said and done, unlike mediocre baseball or basketball players who still get out of their leagues with millions in the bank. Of course the players are not the brightest when it comes to investing their money, but the league is not the fairest in the distribution of the wealth either compared to the toll it takes on your body to play at a competitive level year after year. I hope that class action lawsuit former players brought against the league stands because the NFL gives not one fuck about the players after your days are over for them.

  5. What these ballers wolves need to do are make wise investments with their money and they need to make sure they are making diverse investments, meaning not putting all their money into one thing. Also, they need to stop buying cars because cars depreciate in value also stop buying houses, the economy is bad and owning real estate is not as lucrative as it was 10 years ago. They need to makes some investment in some high quality art because it almost certainly appreciates in value.

  6. What players need to start doing opening a savings account. That’s the smart way, but no these guys want to blow their money on cars, clothes, and mansions. As long as T.O and Chad played they should at least have 20 million saved up, but T.O has baby mama drama, and he can’t keep a contract to save his life. Chad has a few kids, but he has signed long term deals worth millions since he played in Cincinnati for 10 seasons.

  7. Nope – he’s short. And most contracts aren’t guaranteed, which is why they go for the big signing bonuses up front. Depending on your tenure, you may qualify for the pension – but the NFL has the worst record of taking care of their retirees…

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