“Take Off That Givenchy And Let’s Get Raunchy (Raun-Shee)”


wenn3540664__oPtawww the look of…
i’ll let you finish.
well it’s about to be riccardo tisci’s,
creative director of givenchy,
so a birthday party was thrown for him over in ibiza!
sponsored by “beats by dre” of course.
now you must have a “you can’t sit with us” guest list.
justn bieber,
the kardashians,
naomi campbell,
kate moss,
and diddy.
of course you have to invite kanye

rkzyjb 4c25df5619f411e48bebf45214cc5812_8oh look!
matching outfits and broaches!


well that is just soooooooo cute!
i love when straight wolves wear matching outfits.
some more pics from the background:

well looks like everyone had fun.
oh kanye allegedly serenaded riccardo off a balcony:

what an interesting song choice.
according to the ( x page six ),
kanye toasted riccardo and said he was “inspired” by him and “is influential to a generation”.
well if thats the case,
he should have serenaded him with:


lowkey: does kanye go this hard with kim?

video clips courtesy: here | here

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on ““Take Off That Givenchy And Let’s Get Raunchy (Raun-Shee)””

  1. I can see Tisci giving him head all the time and Kanye being one of those annoying type of dudes that like getting their dick sucked a certain way.

    “No no don’t use your hands” and “thats too much spit” STFU lmao

  2. Aw love. Yeezy like them white dudes lol. The pretty ones are his type. Gone head Riccardo I see ya

  3. Kanye is so in love with Riccardo. That’s what has him on this high fashion tirade he has been on as of late. He wants to be like his boo. Well Ye, get ova it. I hear the high fashion elite don’t like when celebrities try to come for their bread.

  4. You already know that he doesn’t. Lol. I have feeling that half of everybody there, has slept with one another at one point in time.

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