5 years ago, you didn’t think you’d catch HIV

If you could have hopped in a time machine 5 years ago,
if you could see your life now,
would you expect it to be this way?

that’s an interesting question i was posed recently.
so there is a vlogger that’s known for “reading” people.
not even people that have done him wrong.
he just attacked others at random.
i happened to be one of those people.
i wanna say it was about 5 years ago.
he came into my twitter mentions and allegedly fonted:

“your shit is trash”

something wild disrespectful.
i could’ve responded back with ignorance,
but i knew when someone is known for “reading”,
it’ll be endless back and forth that won’t have an end.
i saw all the folks he had beef with and i didn’t care to be involved.
i left it alone because i felt it wasn’t worth it.
well the other day,
his vlog randomly popped up on my youtube recommendations.
he had an announcement he wanted to share with his fan base…

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