I’m Thankful I Didn’t Have To Bathe In My Own Pee This Morning!

tumblr_mpdnfldPLu1qbqne3o1_500“things could be worse”.
like a marquee going through my head.
i woke up out my sleep at 630am.
looking in my bank account just now,
i started playing scenarios in my head of “worse”.
sitting at a corner holding up a sign.
trying to keep warm with twenty cats and a cardboard box.
i even saw myself drinking a urine cocktail.
i know.
“jumping ahead, much?”…

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5 Miles Til Blessings

gas-stationwe’ve been talking about so much bad stuff this week,
it has left me feeling empty.
we needed a refill on something positive.
i don’t know if you guys do this already,
but i do and it has provided nothing but blessings in my life.
sure i’m not living in my brownstone
or kerry rhodes isn’t in my kitchen cooking breakfast,
but i am beyond thankful for what i do have right now.
something told me to share it with everyone this morning…

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