So You Not Gonna Say “Thank You”?

thank youi believe in thanking people and acknowledging what they have done for me.
if someone does something for you,
either by taking time out their busy schedule or helping you out in a jam,
it is best to send them a little thank you note.
(sidebar: after every job interview,
you should always send a thank you.)
you can either write it yourself or send an email.
since i’m a writer (can i call myself that yet?),
i always try to write a little something to show my appreciation.
this morning,
i sent off an email thanking mr. green for meeting with me.
this is what i wrote…
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f0xmail: A Thank You Letter (2)

I dropped you a note a few months back praising your site – and Im just here again to show you some love. My boy was just sentenced to 4 years for some bullshit assault he got himself involved in over a year ago. we have been writing back and forth – im just trying to help him keep his head up and not let his guard down. ANYWAY…I just read your piece from a few weeks back on “are you a fighter”  im definitely going to make a copy of that and send it to him.  Weve been friends for over 25 years and this piece of writing should awaken his soul.

Just thankful for your words and all that you are doing.


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