how could someone so beautiful and muscular take his own life?

a majority of people are suffering in silence.
so i want you to do me a favor foxhole.
look at everyone without the:


strip away some of these masks and if you really pay attention.,
you’ll see the real person.
we see glimpses of their true selves with what they’re passionate about,
what offends them,
how they treat others,
and often when they’re in extreme cases of high stress.
more often than not,
it shows you exactly who someone really is.
the foxhole has been sending me the tragic loss of another shining star.
he was an influencer,
underwear designer,
and  hair stylist by the name is tai couture.
he took his own life yesterday.
of course,
everyone is shocked.
one title in an article said:

“A picture perfect facade masks a world of pain”

if i’ve learned anything,
being a blogger and a human in general…

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