to be white and gay (sounds like a fairy tale)

white gays have it easier.
well the suburban teen white gays do.
you know the ones i’m fontin’ about.
the ones who live in the big nice houses in some small town.
a place where everyone knows everyone.
you can’t take a shit without everyone knowing.
in the big nice house,
every morning,
they eat breakfast as a family and actually converse.
he picks his friends up every morning and they go get coffee.
they meet and eat together at lunch.
in my head,
as a black fox from the hood,
whose growing up was different,
it seems like they have it easier.
some can come out to those same parents with ease.
as blacks,
we gotta wonder if we come out,
will we ever see our parents again.
so i watched “love, simon” tonight.
a fav foxholer in my dms recommended it to me.
it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy in the end…

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