How To Bake A Shit Cake

2014-01-06-1484273_10153644175630230_115989653_nwhite people keep one on deck.
corporate america has its own bakery.
you can smell it from the entertainment industry.
don’t even get me started with church.
your mama probably has the ingredients in her shelf.
all mamas do.
who you think taught me?
i see you tho.
yeah i see you.
you reading.
someone hurt your “wittle” feelings and here comes the attitude.
like the obvious attitude.
not theyou’re wearing your sassy pants today” one.
well i’m gonna teach you how to bake a shit cake.
disclaimer: shit cakes are used on people who did you wrong.
if you out here giving your shit cakes to people who don’t deserve it,
don’t be shocked that everyone puts you in a septic tank.
okay here are the ingredients
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