How Me Makes Me Feel In My Guts

*i can thank sza and her amazing album for my following behavior.

so before i walked in his job,
i wanted to make sure i was on point.
it was hot af outside,
but i literally walked around the corner.
so once i got nothing in order,
i walked over to where he works.
there he was…
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foXXX: “GahDammit! The Condom Keeps Slippin Off Baby.”

tumblr_luogsuvyvE1qb5gkjo1_500wolves and hybrids.
i know you want to show off,
especially up in the coo coo,
but can you please wear a condom that fits?
its okay if you can’t fit a mag.
i won’t laugh.
i’d breathe a sigh of relief.
foxes would you turn down this wolf if the condom kept slipping?
nsfw and 18^
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f0XXX: Carlito Makes A Home Video

tumblr_m50u7gP9Hy1r1kbdyo1_500i guess porn star carlito is getting in on the home video leaks too.
just like:

x these two

all i wanna know is…
and this is def NSFW

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