They All Love Dem A Little Foxhole

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.46.28 PM

i’m convinced there are a lot of animals lurking within the foxhole.
before i use to be skeptical about my reach,
but these days…

with that being said:

“hi brandon…”

he can cum lurk all in my foxhole.
okay bye!

lowkey: thank you all for tuning in.
whoever and wherever you are.

Braxton Miller Is Built Ford Tough

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.23.21 PMthe scorpio pre baller wolf for ohio state buckeyes,
braxton miller,
is what you call “damn”.
you see that jaw line?
he is the pre baller wolf dream.
well my pre-baller wolf dream.
he is straight tho so that’s all it gon’ be!
you know what’s crazy?
i just heard him talk for the first time just now.
his voice is all extra bass ‘n’ shit.
one of the f-bi sent me this video and well…
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He Wanted To Know If The Pre Baller Wolf Was Gay (Just Cause)

15-08-10-FB-0163would you ask this pre-baller wolf if he was gay?
some of us have a “tact” issue.
if you were alone with him in a professional setting,
would you let that question fly out ?
well everyone meet eli apple.
he is a pre-baller wolf for ohio state.
in a meeting during the 2016 nfl combine,
an atlanta falcons coach asked him what i just asked you.
straight; no chaser…
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I’d Give Brandon Davis My Heart (and Some Foxtail)

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.57.42 PMi don’t care if he happens to like the snow foxes.
he hasn’t met me yet.
seriously tho…
at 5’8 and 198 pounds,
brandon davis is really attractive to me…
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The Pre-Baller Wolf Lets His Secret OUT.


he is sexy,

nice lips
handsome face
tats ( #dontjudgeme )
pre baller wolf

well guess what?
the secret is out!
pun intended?
a foxholer introduced me to brandon davis,
and now i’m going to introduce him to the foxhole.
check what he wrote to out sports with a video to accompany it…
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