I Like Pink Drawz Worn By d_fitness_life

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-10-36-19-amwell the foxhole is always on it.
ya know,
i love my foxhole.
all i gotta do is ask a question and someone has an answer.
it may come in comments or emails,
but someone always got me.
thank you for always being the “siri” to my blogging reality.
with that being said,
a f-bi provided the lead to the meat from ( x i like pink drawz ).
everyone meet d_fitness_life and the photo shoot he had in new yawk…


…is he so damn fine?
his bawdy is my perfect fantasy bawdy on a wolf..
everything from the back and especially the front.
the photographer clearly liked the back the most too.
we could tell.
aka deshawn sheppard,
is a pre baller wolf for ( x wesley college ) turned
model/fitness trainer.
he currently resides in delaware.
damn he far…
anyway here are some other bonus shots/videos:

handsome face,
fantastic bawdy,
and big bawdy parts…


i’ll allow d fitness life.
i know the jackals are on his radar because he posted these:

what are they saying to this wolf?
i’m glad he broke the stereotype that “gays” only do this.
that being said,
i’d be terrified to read his dms.
i know they get wild crazy.

lowkey: you know i love my big muscle bound ig wolves.

all pictures and videos credited: d_fitness_life

7 thoughts on “I Like Pink Drawz Worn By d_fitness_life

  1. As a bonafide gym head myself, it takes a little bit more to impress me now than in the past and I must say, I have to give props to this dude. His body is SICK, Wow he reminds me of “Old School Fine” meaning that he seems like he is naturally fine and he then put in a little work at the gym to improve on what Mother Nature gave him and the results are breathtaking. I am a new fan.

  2. He is sexy!!!!! I would just lay around cuddling, kissing and touching him in bed all day long!! Definitely boyfriend material!

  3. Why in the world do people think it is okay to approach someone in a vulgar manner? I like people who genuinely want to get to know me, rather than be sexual and come at me sideways. As the old people always say, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    Now back to him. He seems cool…but he is not straight lol. Noticed how he singled out men and women when involving the comments on his instagram. It was almost as if he was saying he did not mind being approached by either sex as long as it is respectful.

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