everyone wants kevin samuels to be gay so bad (will that make him less or more the villain?)

Same pokemon; different evolution?
One would think so.
Pichu (under Joe Budden) is more powerful but can take more damage to itself.
Sounds like joey at times tbh.
Kevin Samuels has evolved into Pikachu,
but not yet Raichu.

the villain.
everyone wants to play the villain card but very few are good at really executing it.
i like the fun villain types who are dramatic and bring some kind of excitement,
maybe with some anti-hero energy in them,
but folks choose to be the mean and nasty type that only ends up backfiring on them.

That is Kevin Samuels to me

he is the “mean and nasty” type of animal in his evolution.
the way how he ( x broke down that black vixen ) was extremely vile.
i refuse to give his recent appearance on joe budden’s podcast any views.
i saw something where he was breaking down saweetie’s looks and was instantly turned off.

as the pretty vixen would say:

I cancel anyone who makes black vixens the punchline.

once you choose the role of villain,
folks will start on their quest to destroy you.
they found kevin samuels high school picture and…

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Pokemon Go Has The World (And Me) Going Crazy!

tumblr_oa51w5BfWN1ug8h79o1_500so it has happened
jamari fox got caught up in the “pokemon go” takeover.
damn left for getting me to download this game!
the crazy thing is,
i wasn’t into pokemon before.
i didn’t even know left was a huge pokemon fan either.
i just knew about pikachu and how cute he was.
now i’m walking around looking for him like a damn fool.
well i’m not alone.
the whole usa has gone pokemon crazy.
i see that damn game on everyone’s phone in new yawk.
well the game is causing everyone to go places they shouldn’t.
a foxholer sent me what the ny daily news had to say…
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