I Got What I Wanted

tumblr_mtioj6TNBq1rdzz4io4_500came in the crib last night,
got my laptop,
and wrote the following…
as i was editing to post,
i said:

“let me close my eyes real quick”

anyway here it is:

i did something tonight.
well hell i was feeling sad earlier.
everyone left early,
but i stayed to do some work.
thing 2 also stayed as well.
she came over to my section and asked me why i looked so sad.

“i’m not sad.”

“well your face says something else.”

“nah i’ll be good”

i needed to do something to make me feel better.
she had a suggestion..
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I Hear The People Talk (Excited When Work Wolf and I Walk)

tumblr_lege54wlI61qdoln8o1_1280people talk.
that was the lesson of my day.
i mean i know people talk,
and i’m sure they talk about me,
but when they involve work wolf
i found myself getting a little nervous.
so i was talking to thing 2 today…
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How To Observe From The Sidelines: The Liar Liar Story

tumblr_inline_n3em8j7tXJ1r761cwyou never know who is watching you.
you may think people aren’t,
but they may just be.
that ass you thought you were peepin on the low…
well someone saw that.
you just never know when they will bring it up in your face.
liar liar has also been doing some observation of her own…
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Your Competition Is Better Than U.

boxing-glovesthey say competition is healthy.
sometimes you don’t even realize you are competing with others.
competing can also be pretty corny as well.
kinda like this whole “stan war”,
where we only can have “one pop star” at a time,
is pretty damn annoying.
in a race,
we have to compete to get to the finish line.
in life,
we may find ourselves competing with others subconsciously.
we want the most likes,
and popularity.
in our jobs/careers,
we are competing for higher positions and better pay.
in love and lust,
we want “the one” that everyone wants or dreams of.
i had to wonder if its all really worth it?
and is it really healthy?
if we are all subconsciously competing with the next animal in the forest…

What are we actually winning?

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Liar Liar Needs A Friend

tumblr_m5oaf5qvH51qfqrcco1_500“you were right about liar liar.”

oh was i?
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Don’t Judge A Work Wolf By His Cover

b435fee6b4f3136701c9f409a5db0b4dya know what ive realized?
getting to know someone intimately gives you all the answers.
you think you have a clue from being on the inside out,
or have an idea of what the person is putting out there,
but it really takes conversing with the person to get your answers.
this is how i learned work wolf
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