Who Knew I’d Get A Life Lesson From A Kardashian?

“A bridge can still be built,
while the bitter waters are flowing beneath.” | Anthony Liccione

 letting go.
one of the hardest things for me.
i’m learning,
rather slowly,
that it’s okay to let go and say goodbye.
there are just some things/animals you gotta chuck the duecez too.
it seems that God has been showing me signs as well.
this last weekend,
two absolutely random things came into my life about letting go.
today as i was working,
i saw “111” twice and then stumbled into khloe kardashian’s ig post.
what was it about?
you guessed it.
look at what she had to say
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How Can I Be Over You, But I Still Keep Going Back?

…or is it?

There comes a time when you realize “this thing we have” is over.
There are many ways to tell:

Looking at the other person and realizing they don’t make you smile anymore.
Seeing every flaw and negative thing they do.
That face you once loved starts to bother you.
The thought of their existence makes your blood pressure start to rise.

So, why do we hold on?
Why do we still keep that grasp on someone that we know we should be letting go of?
Why do we allow them to cause us pain, when they are to selfish an self absorbed to realize?
I started to wonder…

Why do we make it so hard to let go,
when the other person is already gone?

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This Is You… Then.

How do you expect to move on, if you do not have closure?

That is the question ringing in my mind.
I don’t know if I am the type to hold a grudge, per say.
But, I do hold onto things even though I claim I am over it.
I will use those little things as examples for me not to fuck up in the future.
Which I think is relatively smart, but you do need to let go so you can successfully move on.
But, moving on is hard to do when you do not have closure.
So the real question is…

How do you really get closure?

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Foxy Lifestye: Let Em Go!

I am quick to let someone go.

If you aren’t treating me up to par OR you are being stagnant,
I am off you and onto the next.
Baller or NOT.

Same way I got you,
I can most DEFINITELY get another one.

Why hold onto someone
who is not close to being 100% with u?

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