“…And Here Go Jesse Williams and This Snow Bunny”, They Said.

i think we need to stop putting celebrities so high.
they will say something to get on our good sides,
and in another breath,
do something to have us scratching our heads like “wtf?”.
today’s “wtf” goes to jesse williams.
remember that lovely speech he had at the bet awards?

…but it was this part:

someone showing love to the black vixens.
i could understand why throwing their panties.
i was feeling a tad moist myself.
well he divorced his black wife,
but was allegedly creeping with a snow bunny.
it’s no “alleged” any longer because…

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Jesse Williams: From #activistbae To #divorcebae ?

shocked i say!
this is one couple who i figured would stay together for the long run.
then i think how i need to get with it.
so jesse williams and his (soon to be x) wife,
aryn drake-lee,
are allegedly headed to splitsville.
this is what ny daily news has to say…

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Stacey Dash Thinks Jesse Williams Is The Big Bad Wolf

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.24.47 PMwhat is going on with stacey dash?
is it mental illness?
sudden dose of rabid attentionista she can’t rid of?
she is so negative and bitter against her own kind.
what did “we” do to her?
it’s funny,
but last night i said to self:

i wonder what stacey dash thinks of what jesse’s speech?”

well i got my answer from a news source and a foxholer.
look at what she said to say via the new york daily news
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Jesse Williams For President (Everyone Else Go Home)

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 7.28.24 PMcan we talk about jesse williams now?
actor by day; super hero by fight.

you know i had to give him a special entry.
how amazing was his speech last night at the 2016 bet awards?
he was there to accept his humanitarian award,
but who knew he came to give the black community a much needed dragging?
if you didn’t watch,
or did,
i want you to see it as many times as possible…
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