“Cock-a-Doodle-Do” by _________ Featuring His Tranny

are-you-readyr&b singer.
well i mean i bought all of his music.
he has a nice voice,
but he has also kinda fallen off too.
he is still successful,
but his career needs to become brand new real quick.
he allegedly likes trannies?

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Sisqo Has Some Peen Leakage… A Couple Years Too Late

first it was method man.
i actually wanted to see his.
now it’s another blast from the past by the name of:

tumblr_lpshc57Jbm1qj3uuto1_500although no on really cares.
this should have happened during “the thong song” era.
funky divena,
or “the meat packing district” as i’m starting to call her site,
has the leaks.
you know i copped em.
definitely NSFW

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