wipe the emotional (reset) slate clean

when our electronics are moving funky,
it usually helps to turn them off and on again.
if they’re acting like real assholes,
you need to do a full reset.
my emotional hard drive has been moving like a real asshole.
my sleep pattern was all fucked up because of it.
i was going to bed early but waking up at like 4 or 5 am.
throughout the day,
i was throwing up when i started feeling anxious,
which included the early morning hours when i woke up.
i was mixing different kinds of pills to help me sleep.
cbd oil,
and melatonin concoctions and still wasn’t sleeping correctly.
all it did was make me groggy and sleepy in the day.
i wasn’t doing anything my therapist was recommending.
there was no motivation for life and the betterment of myself period.

Yo favorite fox was struggling silently out here.

you never know what people are going through and shamed to admit.
so i decided i had a problem and…

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