Look At How Tremaine Gets Off

well tremaine has a lot to be smiling about today.
as you know,
he was accused of domestic abuse a few weeks ago.
that had me vex because he was on the way to being cooked.
well there has been positive update in the case via “tmz”
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The Year of Exposure Continues: Fabolous, Welcome To Your Entry

one of the reasons i’m glad i stopped being envious other relationships.
i rocked with fabolous real heavy.
i bought his first album when it came out and kept up since.
i liked a majority of his songs and features.
he had a few mixtapes recently that were fiyah.
this being my all time favorite song from him:

so i was extremely disappointed to read about his recent shenanigans.
he had an alleged domestic violence dispute with emily b,
the mother of his cubs,
and it ended up getting violent.
it got so bad that he allegedly knocked both her front teeth out.
this is story via “ny daily news”

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The Porn Hybrid Who Beats Up More Than The Booty

well be careful because “cute” will put them paws on ya.
so everyone meet tyce jax aka jared louis velazquez.
i’m sure some of you know his work in porn very well.
i am familiar with his resume.
well outside of this hybrid’s porn life,
he also seems to be very angry.
he was arrested for allegedly beating up his boyfriend.
oh yeah.
here is the story via project q atlanta
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The Game Allegedly Beats It Up (Faces Being “It”)

say it ain’t so!
busted eye sockets?
what the hell is this?
ya’ll know i lust like me some jayceon aka the game,
but his baby mama tiffney has accused him of ( x mangling her face ).
well he responded to her claims.
where else?
that’s where!
well i didn’t say my mountain of meat was the brightest.
this is what he said…
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