The Desperate Gun Slingin’ Housewife

Cl1ZZyiVYAEKi-dwell she looks crazy.
this sounded like an episode of “desperate housewives”.
so christy sheats,
who use to reside in texas,
decided to give her hubby a birthday present he will never forget.
she killed their daughters right in front of him.
this is the story via the daily mail
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Carmelo Anthony Looks Bored With “The Chain On His Balls”

Carmelo and LaLa Anthony celebrated his birthday at Greenhouse in NY last night.
But judging from these pictures,
he looked like he would rather be home with Swizz Beatsm
eating a sandwich,
and catching up on reruns of “Desperate Housewives“.

(you see what I did there?)

I mean, a Fox could be wrong, but you be the judge…

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