He Didn’t Want Me To Moan When He Banged Me

angry-foxi had a issue today with my site that had me so vex.
its funny but i never knew how raunchy my site is until i had to call a company about it.
the wolf helping me on the phone didn’t judge me based on my content.
he was actually really nice and we talked for a while about site issues and various things to improve it.
he also told me my site was ranked very high online.
to hear a stranger speak highly of me and my work means a lot to me.
especially one who is straight and could have been an asshole.
shiiiit i put blood sweat and tears into what i’m passionate about.
i had to go back in time to my early entries to fix the issue
and i saw this old chat convo i had with a past wolf i use to “talk” too.
he also was in a relationship too so we didn’t fuck.
thats a whole nother story.
he was the one who looks wise reminded me heavy of ( x this baller wolf ).
it brought back so much memories i had to rewind it…

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