He Was Fuckin Me All Kinds of Stupid and Kept Leaving Something Inside Me

he is fine isn’t he?
imagine you bring him home to break your back.
oh he does.
he does it well.
he eats up all your black pudd’n and even wants seconds.

it was a good fuckin’ night.
he leaves.
you never hear from him.
you start experiencing symptoms you never felt before.
things just start going wrong.
you don’t know what the fuck is happening.
well, it starts with that same wolf who you inside you…

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Monstrous Balls

i had an interesting conversation with my cousin hybrid today.
i’m telling you,
when we get together: epic.
we go IN and i wanted to share a little what we were talking about.
i have been talking in emails with a young cub who ONLY likes down low wolves.
he says that people make him feel bad for his choice….


 i will say it before and i will say it again.
people in this lifestyle can be bullies to one another.
we like abuse.

not the abuse of a plump pipe beating up butt cheeks or the back of our throats.
but the abuse of our opinions and choices in dating, even fucking.
it can be a wear and tear on the self esteem, to be honest.
one that leaves you feeling like you went 20 rounds in the ring and ending in a “tie“.
bad enough straights do it to us every chance they get.
are we too hard on each other?
or, is this just the way “love” goes?
i had to ask…

Can we all just get along?

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I Love It, I Love It, I Love It When Beg For My Forgiveness (I Love It When You Eat It)


i don’t think kal looking for tariq,
while beating up a punch bag is exactly a good look.
just sayin….
it wouldn’t exactly make me want to jump in his arms with a “be mine” heart attached.
let’s also not forget the years worth of intense forgiveness makeup cheek eating and condo shopping

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What Did My Fist In Your Eye Have To Do With It?


Well… not THAT kind of abuse in that animation.
This kind of abuse stems from being in something that you are too scared to come out of.
You are scared to do anything wrong because you know the outcome.
You are always on alert because you don’t know when you have to duck or cover your face.


You will either get talked down to OR beat the hell up.
That feeling of being useless and hopeless.
You want to run away, but you can’t because you are so used to that “feeling”.

It doesn’t always come as a slap or a punch.
You do not always have to be on the way to the hospital with a black eye or broken ribs.
Many of us suffer from abuse that we do to ourselves.
The way we speak to ourselves can be just as bad as any domestic violence police report.

Are addicted to your own abuse?

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Beat Me Up Scotty

Imagine This….

FINALLY, he has arrived. You meet the man of your dreams. You have been on a few dates and he seems like he is the one. You start to drop your guard because, you can’t keep it up forever and you are starting to trust this dude.

Everything is perfect…….!

Until…. one night, he decides to go off on you for no reason. You cannot seem to understand what is happening. You just asked him where he was and why he didn’t answer your phone call. Suddenly, he punches you in your stomach. As you try to fight back, he kicks you in your stomach but this time, you fall to the floor. He starts to kick you in your torso because he knows the bruises will not show to the public. After he is done, he lays next to you and hugs you. He starts kissing you and whispering that he is sorry. He asks you over and over if you are going to leave him.

Congrats. You are officially part of the “Abused Victims” Club.

There are free band aids in the lobby.

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