prince from “lhh miami” gets some pipe leakage?

ya know,
i didn’t see this for prince from “lhh miami”.
he seemed like the type who was mysterious.
even tho his sexuality was a “?”,
that helped create a presence for him.
believe it or not,
when folk question your sexuality,
that can add a layer of interest to your character.
everyone wants to know who is gay and if folks have to guess about you,
you’re on their minds and tongues so you win.

well as you know,
he opened an “onlyfans“.
a foxholer sent me some alleged leakage and well…


i tell ya.
if that’s him,
i don’t think he should have done an “onlyfans”.

he doesn’t seem to be the type to jump in head first.
he is being all shy about it.
“onlyfans” are for those who are bold af.
my other thought is…

What’s the end game?

that’s always my first question when i see these kind of moves.
i hope prince has a plan in order for this new era of his.

9 thoughts on “prince from “lhh miami” gets some pipe leakage?

  1. Oh my….Ima just say this. Everybody does not look good skinny!! At least if he thicker this would be worth a view but you can find 10 n**** that look just like this twink. I know thin is always in, it just doesn’t work for him.

  2. I joined his onlyfans out of curiosity. Definitely not worth it. There has to be nudity or no point in joining.

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