Peter, Paul and Jamari.

It’s really nice to meet you.

You are sexy.
Can you join my man and I for a three some?”

I was asked the be to the 3, in an act of 2.
End scene.

So I was online on my first free day from the plantation, and I came across a dude’s profile that caught my eye. Daddy had a body. Daddy had a face under the privates. Daddy had what appeared to be a nice piece of meat between his legs. I was sipping on my tea, drooling, when the same Daddy in question, hit me up with a message.

You know me already. We did our online flirting thing and he was trying to come thru that same night, but I couldn’t since I was tired and wasn’t up to getting dicked down. I told him to slide me his number and we would chat. I finally texted him last night and we continued our sexting when he asks…

“I don’t want to offend you but are you down for 3 somes?”

You ever had one of those questions that made you look at the person, or your phone, in utter shock? Well, that was me at 10:30pm.

“I never had one.” I replied, trying to see where he was going to go with this.

I have always wanted to do a threesome honestly, but two dicks in one hole sounds like a lot of wear and tear on the merchandise. I dreamed of a three some with my man or some female/another bottom we BOTH didn’t know. I’m all into going to the bar or club and scoping the scene for someone sexy to bring home. You know some adventurous type shit.

Plus, I like to please my dude. He can return the favor in trinkets.

So, he replies that his man is a vers (strict) and they do threesomes, so he can put his sausage in-between some buns. I wanted to ask why would he even get into a relationship with a versatile if you are a strict top? Anyway…. As tempting as that sounded, I know what would have happened.

Follow me….

They would have come over here or me there, I would have used all my tricks on that TOP because he is just my type and I do not play fair, the vers would have been trying to keep up, and then the TOP would have been messing around with me on the low. Jamari would have been responsible for breaking up a happy home, and then my karma would have been TOP cheating on me with some snow queen with vibrating walls.

…. Or something to that dream bubble type effect.

I told the TOP that I would rather test drive him solo. He liked that. So do I. Plus this Fox isn’t going to be the meat between two potential wolves, especially in a relationship I could break up.

Alls unfair in lust and good dick.

I know I contradicted myself, but guess what? I don’t care. How you like dem apples?

Later Foxes

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  1. i bet u do think he should!!!!! ^^^ **rolls eyes** where your ass gon be if the drama pops off? glued to the screen cause it aint your life! thirsty ass!

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