Orange Is The New Binge Watch?


i didn’t even start my orange is the new black binge yet.
for those who started,
what’s the verdict foxhole?
better than season 3?
don’t be coming up in here with spoilers neither.
you’ll be handing your foxhole key card right over.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “Orange Is The New Binge Watch?”

  1. Man, one of the reasons I love OITNB is how they can have a main cast of 20 something and then manage to introduce about 10 more characters, and still manage to find just the right balance to focus on all the characters equally. A feat that many series fail at. Additionally the diversity they manage to maintain through the series is still unmatched.

    Without telling you what they are there were some strong references to what has happened these past few years in terms of social justice. So much that there were parts where I had to turn away because I couldn’t watch it. From references to BLM, Ferguson, New York, Racism in general, Mizzou, LGBTQ, Even what I consider to be a subtle nod towards Orlando. OITNB stuffed a lot into this season, but it worked well with this season. Season 3 was so so, but 4 really brought it back full circle.

    But oh that ending for this season…..You gotta watch and share your thoughts…

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