one side with a grain of salt please

this morning,
i was texting with my lil big sis and she fonted something that blew me away.

it was one of those oprah “a-ha” moments you get on random.
funny enough,
it was also about oprah too.
we were talking about the color purple,
and all the bts drama that’s being alleged.

“I’m not ready to take her off my don’t like don’t want to meet list I mean she’s Oprah.
I’ll meet her but be clear I’m getting one side of Oprah and to take it with a grain of salt.”

that was my “a-ha” moment

When I meet or admire people,
even when I’m attracted to other males,
I realized I took everything for face value.

this is why they say don’t meet your heroes.
i can admit that i’ve gotten hurt plenty of time in the past because of this.
i’ve thought countless people to be so dope and been utterly disappointed.
i’ve expected the same respect and gotten scum bag behavior later on.
it’s like God is using others to remind me of this.

another thing i realized:

Even though what you see is what you get with me,
I always need to remember that many others aren’t doing the same.

i don’t think its being bitter either.
it’s remembering what everyone is human and we all have different sides.
this is why tyler perry is quoted as saying:

i’m going to add on sick,
and how they treat others.
i.e: parents,
wait staff,
and people they deem beneath them).
God wanted me to remember this and share it with others as well.

lowkey: i think many of us secretly know this but we want to see the best in people.
i think we need to really start seeing the truth so we can stop getting hurt.