Little Kim

tumblr_nphdjw60rU1tjs730o1_540well little kim,
aka kylie jenner,
is definitely not ^that vixen anymore.
at the ripe age of 17,
she has transformed into something…
she appeared at the grand opening of “sugar factory” in miami friday night.
i think the surgeries have healed nicely…

am i the only one who thinks she looks great?
she has that “exotic” look down.
ima need her to trade in tyga tho.
even tho she gonna look “55 at 25”,
but she looks like a brand spankin’ new human being.
lets thank:

tumblr_nq9hncDnLv1t4akpjo1_500…for turning out yet another child of hers.
they are all so proud of her guidance.

lowkey: i think kylie has “katfish lips” because:

tumblr_nq9klsLkHF1ur7o84o1_540…that was the same day at the airport.
why do i feel like she wears 20 pounds of make up?

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11 thoughts on “Little Kim

  1. Wow she looks just like him here, I wouldn’t be surprised if lifetime did a movie on them in a few years.

  2. She looks great. They have a great plastic surgeon. This aint the doctor who did the Jackson three for one nose.

  3. Yeah…that was Kylie. Thes kids are doomed. The fame will fuck their heads up so badly.
    Meanwhile Mommie Dearest needs to be concentrating on helping her only son! Did you see how big he got?!

  4. I feel sorry for these girls. Their image of self love and/or beauty is having your tits and ass out. NO MAN is going to TRULY respect a woman like that. They see an opportunity, nothing more. These girls, and their MADAM (not mom) will have nothing once the beauty (if you wanna call pounds of makeup that) fades, and that ass and tits start to droop. This girl was cute BEFORE the augmentation. She didn’t need to make herself a carbon copy of her sisters.
    It’s a shame that woman pimps her daughters like she does. At what point does mother trump manager, or “momager” as they call her?!
    Damn shame!

    1. ^yeah they definitely grew up to fast.
      like they did they even have a youth?

      is kylie the one who was swinging on the stripper pole when she was young?

  5. Lol @ “55 at 25” Yea she looks nice, but at 17 yrs old, your body is still growing. what price fame? Also, is it me in thinking she doesn’t want to look like a Jenner, but more so a Kardashian #ijs

    1. ^yeah she looked more white as a jenner.
      now she got weave,
      make up,
      tanning oil,
      and the whole “kardashian” starter package.
      she looks super exxotical.

  6. Making her into the new Kim since she is getting older. Glad Kendall is different.

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