lil wop declares this beez the szn for the gays

i’ve never heard of lil wop before.
maybe i have,
i don’t remember.

this is one of his songs tho:

uh huh.
so question:

What happened to when artists looked glamorous?
music videos looked rich af.

These days,
artists look like they don’t bathe and worship Satan.
I’m tired of artists looking relatable.
They didn’t become rich to look like some random on Flatbush or The Heights.

lil wop came out as bisexual a while back:

but the other day,
he claims there is a new szn for the “city guhl” gays abound.
hot girl summer out


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if thats the case:

Ya’ll better send your season beatings to my dms.

i want stories of who ya’ll took down and i want em now.

lowkey: i feel like more “straight” males have been hitting on me.
i dunno what timeline this is atm.

8 thoughts on “lil wop declares this beez the szn for the gays

  1. It sounds like he still figuring himself out. But to each their own. I really hope he gets more comfortable with who he is.

  2. Looks like people are judging this book by the cover. A beautifully wrapped package can contain a box full of bullshit. How many “normal” looking people have been revealed to be serial killers?
    He does not care for being a bottom or putting things in his mouth, it is his choice.
    Some of you on here know damn well you would be on your knees, ass in the air trying to get plugged, tattoos and all.
    The worst comment I read today said “We don’t want him”! That’s so hateful and evil. Check out what’s happening in the press involving drag entertainment? The world don’t want the gays, but the gays don’t want the gays, make it make sense?

  3. Hunni….I just gonna sit back and watch the comments and see what the ends gonna be….I don’t know that man from a can of paint πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Happy for what? He literally just said he ain’t sukn no dick or get fukd. It’s 1 thing to not be crazy about bottoming, but not ducking dik, the only thing exclusive to a man, is heteronormative bs.


      And dot give flabush too much! Lol

    2. ROFL!!! Said we don’t want him. I guess I’m old school but I’m not down with all of these demonic looks of these artists – ion like here – Get somebody else to do it!

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