Lay Down Some Rubber: Baller Wolf Edition (27)

You know I love this portion of the programming!
The day would not be complete if we didn’t have a competition for athlete meat!

You know the rules.
Two Baller Wolves.


James Ihedigbo


Bret Lockett

…. out of my two favorite Baller Wolves,
Who would you lay down some rubber for?

23 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber: Baller Wolf Edition (27)

  1. This is a hard (pun intended) choice but I’ll have to go for James. He has striking looks and cakes galore. Bret is a basic pretty bright boy.

  2. Both are ridiculously beautiful. Had a really tough time choosing. Bret is fine and all but James has an amazing complexion so i choose him. Cute yellow boys are a dime a dozen but chocolate boys with looks like James’ fit my ideal black man fantasy and not in a Mandingo kinda of way.

  3. I’ll let James’ sexy, chocolate ass get it any day of the week! Plus he got nice cakes, I would def beat it up 😉

  4. But I think we need to move toward noticing these NBA Wolves, like Blake Griffin he is such a cutie and I cant wait to meet him, I’m be allllllll smiles.

  5. I’ll take James, I met Bret and he is very attractive and sexy as fuck but it was sorta awkward, hes introverted and very chill which is cool but I just wished he smiled more. I like it when the ballers smile.. But I want James because he looks like he’s a country boy with some southern hospitality, I never dated a country boy and if he in face is, I think he probably have a fox like myself hooked.

  6. Bret Locker, this one was not hard at all. He’s one of those types that makes a man’s dick jump with just one glance of him.

    I couldn’t help but notice J. Cole. I just want to use my dick as an ax and chop his tall ass down.

    1. You know I’m young lmao
      My dick definitely JUMPS from time to time
      And I thought that was a me thing
      Well alrighty then! Lol
      I’d say #2 could be flipped
      Wolves be havin’ more cakes than
      Skinny ass foxes -_-

  7. I’ll take um both Jamari!!!!! Ihebigbo is nice and dark chocolate full of anti oxidants and looks like he can fuck you in a coma. Brett is fine as hell and his print looks impressive. Ima just need him to not try rapping again and we coo

  8. it’s cray how this blog hips me to the football players. I watch, but I dnt pay the dudes no mind cuzz it’s not really my sport like basket ball is…Anyway I’d say contestant number one. He has pretty eyes…Khias face almost ruined this post for me.ha

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