lamont johnson pulls down his sweats for you

does lamont johnson still make sex videos?
they ones i saw,
he was pretty good at it.
it seems like he shows off his best asset.

That tail of his

here he goes “being caught off guard” while taking off those sweats…

i love when they create “titles” for these videos.

i have a question for the foxhole…

Do you think Lamont has sex appeal?

one of the foxhole favs hit me with that question the other day.
i think lamont looks good,
has a really handsome face,
and one of the best booties in the business,
but i think we get off to how good he looks


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Ain’t nothing like a morning stretch…

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…because The Universe knows when he opens his mouth it’s never good.

low-key: remember the days he was a mystery?
he trained,
took pics,
looked like odell,
and didn’t have social media.


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Who trying to Quarantine and work out..? 💦💦

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Back by popular demand

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good news?
booty so phat you can see it from the front.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “lamont johnson pulls down his sweats for you”

  1. I miss when some of these guys would be silent and attractive it was such a great time for us and them.

    Sidenote: he looks great but I don’t get sex appeal thankfully i also don’t get corny from him either.

    1. Yes he’s doing too much, but I think he’s very attractive. Nice body and face, plus he’s thick.

      Aside from the physical, I do want to know if he can read. 😂

  2. Love your page so much Jamari. Been following you for a while now. trying to get into your podcast but I’m too lazy to go wherever it is since it’s not on YouTube or here. And what happened to you posting about the juicy gossip around Demetrius J or other social media influencers.

  3. I mean he’s very handsome and has good physical attributes, but other than that what is there?
    As we’re all aware, there is an overwhelming amount of attention whores on social media with little to no substance, except their bodies. I wanna know what else lies between mr. Johnson, i.e, can he read?

  4. He doesn’t do nothing for me even though he’s good looking. I hate overly thick or buff dudes but his ass is amazing lol.

  5. These “oh I’m being recorded” faces irks me, as if he didn’t set the camera up, hit record and stand in front of the cam. Lol.

    Dude has a handsome face, but I’m personally not into the overly buff incredible hulk type dudes.

    Although, given the face, thick thighs and fat booty, I’d push those legs back a few days or months. Lol.

  6. Yes he I’d very hot he. Seem like the type that comes with baggage not in a good way nice to look at

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