Justin Bieber Shows His Stans So Much Love That It Hurts

…and why are you still fans of him again?
it seems the bielbers are in an abusive stan-ionship.
justin bieber allegedly treats most of them like shit and they still worship him.
so this a video of some of the alleged abuse…


i remember when i was a huge stan of beyonce.
i bought her book with destiny’s child called “soul survivors”.
it was an autobiography of their come up to success.
well in the book,
beyonce spoke about how she was out and found out news that her uncle had died.
as luck would have it,
fans ran up for pictures and an autograph.
in the midst of all her sadness,
she turned that “off” temporarily to show her fans love.
you see how she turned off during “elevator-gate”.
that is a true professional.
i always hear good things about b,
and a few other celebs.
this fucker here
…always got some shit going on.

in that business,
you always need to be “on” even if you are having a bad day.
it bugs me when i read stories and see videos like ^that.
those same fans and stans made these ungrateful hyenas.
is that really the thanks they should get?
couldn’t be me.
i’m quick to #cancel a muthafucka over a shitty attitude.
consider him #cancelled.
i got a question for the foxhole…

Who are the nicest celebs you’ve met?

mine are:

jay z
anna wintour
drew barrymore
rosario dawson
la la

i met more,
but i can’t remember right now.

20 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Shows His Stans So Much Love That It Hurts

  1. The two that changed my life though…..Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks. When I was 12, my Principal let me take a week off from school to participate in the 25th Anniversary reenactment of the Selma to Montgomery March. It was like I was standing before the Holy Spirit. There was such an aura of……Peace, Grace, Mercy, Strength…..words cannot describe….I was smiling with tears running down my face and I couldn’t tell you why I was crying….GOD was always present with those women in a way that was tangible.

  2. I got cut off…is there a limit? 😀😄….

    When Phylicia Rashad saw I had waited, she turned into Clare Huxtable, “Baby, you’ve been out here all this time?!?” I was speechless; Kelly Price is AMAZING!!!; Raheem DeVaughn (Nice); Kelly Rowland (Nice); Tank (Nice…short but nice); Carl Thomas (Nice); Alfre Woodard (Nice); Chrissette Michelle (Nice).

    I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama. The Director of Theatre at Alabama State, Dr. Tommie Stewart was the mother of the little girl in A Time To Kill; I’ve known her since high school

  3. TLC (all 3 of them twice, once in high school, once in college…Super Nice both times); Richard Smallwood (twice in high school….Nice & Grand); Twitch from SYTYCD (before and after fame…..Always Nice); Kirk Franklin and the Family and Kirk by himself (Always Nice); Jagged Edge before fame (Nice); Canton Jones before and after fame (Nice); Debbie Allen (Amazingly Humble& Nice); Phylicia Rashad (Awe Inspiring & Super Nice. I waited two hours after I saw her as Medea in ATL

  4. I would still fuck Justin balls deep in his little pink hole while my tongue deep down his throat. He’s no more of a douchebag than Chris Brown yet the black homos still fantasize about his skinny STD laden ugly dick. Leave my Bieber alone dammit! 😗

  5. I Tamela and David Mann at Dillards I flipped out cause I’m a groupie and they told me they keep it down so I asked can I have a pic and they said after they ran upstairs to get something and after they did they actually came and took pics with me and we chatted for almost an hour mind you they obey were on their way to one of those bet gospel awards. Also met the male cast of the game working out at LA fitness. Pooch was finer in person and they were really sweet also.

    Believe it or no I met Choppa from making the band and he was actually a cocky piece of shit and acted like he didn’t have time. All of these in ATL btw. They literally are just everywhere there.

  6. Met Lil Kim once. Really sweet. Saw Keke Wyatt in the airport just waved and she waved and smiled. He husband was a dick though.

  7. I’m ready for the physical looks of these male singers to fade drastically. I think that would be the only wake up call for these fans who are so delusional. Because let’s be honest if this was some ugly out of shape regular looking dude they wouldn’t be gassing him up like that.

    My last job was at the airport on the international side so I’ve seen a few celebs. As for as celebs who I met who have been nice, I met the actor who played David on the show “Being Mary Jane”.I went up to him and told home I was a huge fan of his character on the show and that Mary Jane should stay with him because he was the best looking guy there. He chuckled smiled and said thanks.

    I’ve met Danny glover, Charlie Wilson, Ciara all nice.

    As far as celebs I’ve seen there.I’ve seen usher (much shorter in person and ruder). Nick canon ( rude), the lady who was an original dream girl and play the stepmom on Moesha. The entire cast of Real housewives of Atlanta came thru everyone was nice except NeNe. I can’t think of anyone else.

    P.S. The only one that I was truly nervous and starstruck when I saw them was the urban porn actor Starge. That’s because as soon as I saw him he made knowing eye contact with me. I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable by saying I liked his movies lol

    1. ^i heard usher is rude!!!!!!!!
      nick cannon is new to me.
      nene just looks like she wouldn’t be nice unless you can offer her something.

      i don’t understand why celebs are rude.
      it makes me confused.
      d list reality stars are usually the rudest too.

      1. Yeah usher came in looking over it but I can sort of understand after you’ve been on a long flight for hours.

        I almost forgot my nicest interaction with a celeb was with Fran from the tv show The Nanny. She was super sweet and funny.

  8. I remember I also met John A. Amos, from Good Times in that same mall but at the Apple store where they were trying to teach him about his new upgrades and show him his computer and literally I’m freaking out because its like a black icon somewhat but know one even seem to know who they had sitting right next to him. He looked at me with this big ass smile and I didnt say a thing but just took his picture and sent it to my family and that was it.

  9. I remember that I met Jahiem once where I use to live in NJ. I was at eh Bridgewater Mall and no lie he was just fooling around in the mall getting his hair straighten with those aisle Kiosk things. He was semi-nice and a little cocky for no reason. Honestly no one except black people knew who he was and we lived in a white area, but if you ever caught him in New Brunswick/North Brunswick and it would be a different story, he’d act like an ass in a heart beat.

      1. Cocky/Condescending-ish. My thing was no one knows who you are except “US” you know especially at that mall. My town is 99.6% white, plus your getting your hair straightened in the middle of the mall still wearing sunglasses inside. Be humble and carry yourself with grace..

  10. You had that DC Soul survivors book too Jamari? Same here. I remember that part about about the uncle too. I also found the part where they talked about the lineup change especially Farrah’s departure very interesting.
    Funny, Farrah was my favourite and I went to see DC in concert, only to find out she was gone at the show. I was sooooo pissed. Oddly enough, I ran into Farrah a few years later at a club here in Toronto and she was super sweet. I also met Beyonce during her Bday era and she was also super nice. I work in broadcasting up here, so I met a few and for the most part are nice.

    I don’t get how he has fans based on how he has treated them in the last little bit. Stans are just brainwashed I guess. They made this dude and this is what they get back. I remember my cousins went to see ludacris at a music show taping and during the breaks, fans tried to get autographs and photos and he didn’t even acknowledge them. At the end of the taping they threw out all their CD’s and posters. I’ll tell you, some of these celebrities get way to big headed and need to be humbled.

    1. ^farrah was real pretty!
      i remember when someone leaked her number online and i called her LOL
      I told her i thought she was beautiful and her number was online.
      she was nice about the compliments and giving her the heads up LOL

      i remember seeing keri hilson being too bothered to take pictures with some fans.
      i like her music,
      but it was hard for me to listen to her after that.
      she lowkey turned me off.

  11. Well, this is not the first time he has behaved in this manner towards his fans, it is expected. I partially blame the fans to a certain degree who hype them and fill their heads with bullshit. Chris Brown and Trey Songz are in the same basket.

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