Justin Bieber Babysits Chris Paul’s Son Courtside

this isn’t a side fox playing “mommy” courtside.
or maybe?…

Justin Bieber can add babysitter to his impressive entrepreneurial list of jobs he has going on! The 18-year-old pop star was spotted at a Los Angeles Clippers game on Dec. 27 with the adorable Chris Paul II, 3, son of Clippers player Chris Paul.

The two sat courtside and cheered on big Chris at the Staples Center as the Clippers crushed the Boston Celtics 106-77.

Justin, in typical teenage fashion, snacked on sporting game specials, including nachos and fries.


i wonder what made him go get this wolf’s child?
i love how they were kinda dressed alike too.
either way, nice pics.
chris paul’s son is cute.

biebz love da kids…
…and the ballers wolves love him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Babysits Chris Paul’s Son Courtside”

  1. No, it’s nothing going on with Chris and Justin. I’m not positively sure but I doubt it. I want to know where can I sign up to babysit Justin tho? He just keeps getting cuter to me.

  2. Too cute! And the tweets told the REAL story! Big ups to CP for keeping it 100 and not letting male ego get in the way!!

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