Jay-Z Ain’t Got No Time For Dem Hoez

… NBA Players who are currently on a lockout that is.

Yeah Jay…
Why you gotta do em like that…

Oh, the horror. This damn NBA lockout continues to cause NBA players untold pain.
Like not being able to get in to the VIP areas of swank Los Angeles parties.
Like the GQ party Thursday where Jay-Z was in attendance along with Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala, Russell Westbrook, JaVale McGee and Shannon Brown, among others. Terezowens.com has the details (via I am a GM).

“So all the athletes were clamoring to talk to Jay-Z in his private section, even Melo, but because of the lockout, Jay had to turn them all down. He refused to let any of them thru, and also warned his security to watch out because of his NBA ownership, he wasn’t allowed to fraternize with them,” said our source.

Jay-Z is rich, doesn’t mean he wants to pay out a $500,000 fine to the league. Smart man.
But I would have loved to see the security guard turning all those guys away. That would have been entertaining.


Sounds like a smart plan to me…

Bye bye fellas…

mad lol
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2 thoughts on “Jay-Z Ain’t Got No Time For Dem Hoez

  1. I got a job for a few of them…

    Windows, cars, dishes to wash, lawn to mow, pool to clean, floors to mop, beds to make-up…yup! all in the comfort of their birthday suits.

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