Is This What A Butch Queen Looks Like?

You know I am confused and I need a good explanation.

I would hate to confuse a Bitch Queen with a Butch Queen.
Can’t it just all be easy to call em a Wolf, Fox, or Hybrid?


Anyway here is the victim…

^I lost that same Fitted he has on in this picture.
I miss it so…

Anyway, is he or isn’t he?

He is kinda cute.
I’d let him lick to the creamy center.
Somehow, he seems like he would be hogging up the mirror more than me…

19 thoughts on “Is This What A Butch Queen Looks Like?

  1. Hes cute to me..I like masculine type dudes..Extra pretty boi’s arent really my thing..Dude body is the truth!

  2. I think a butch queen consists of 25% appearance and 75% mannerisms. You can apear normal and open your mouth and confirm you’re a butch queen. He doesn’t look like a butch queen. I’d have to see how he carries himself.

    @FATC: How should dudes dress in the south? Show me a picture of a guy you consider to be well dressed for the club.

  3. Please, these are pictures. I’m sure if we saw him at the gym we’d all stop and stare. That body is amazing too. Either ya’ll hoes have high standards or you have a preference pretty-by-the-face boys lol

    1. Dead wrong. would be more of a look and keep it moving…. Why do standards have to be high? can you just like a certain type of dude. One that doesnt wear contacts, have a weird hair style and just extra for no reason? No pretty by the face boys as you call them but masculine and handsome is more like it. #Dontfallforanything

  4. he cute i would love to flip flop with him. he dsoes give me hybrid he might say girl after every sentence

  5. Yup. He could clean it up though and be alright he isn’t overboard. Get rid of those God awful roseries and vests and gaudy jewelry and tank tops. Vain, love you but fine he is not. Average with muscles is more like it. I wish the gays in the south would learn to dress smh.

    1. ^he has one of those faces where one minute he is cute,
      and the next he is not.

      And I really need him to lose all jewelry.
      His only saving grace for me is his arms.

  6. Isn’t Metrell like THE definition of butch queen? lol

    This dude…hybrid – throwing shade the entire time…

  7. you see that stance? he rides dick down….
    you see that tank? he wants to wear bras
    you see that face? he’s in need of MAC
    you see that body? he don’t work out , he just cruise the gym for dates

    This my niggas is a classic example of a BITCH QUEEN! you’ve been forewarned!

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