Ink Me 911

I want a tattoo.
I been itching to be inked for a while now.

I don’t want anything symbolic.

I just want something fly Fox style.

…but I’m nervous LOL
I heard it hurts.

I look at Chris Brown or Devin Thomas
and I often wonder how in God’s name did they sit through all that pain?
Even though their tattoo’s look Wolf fly, it must have taken hours.
Hours of just sitting there and looking at a ceiling.

Then the next question: where am I going to put said ink?

Neck, head, arms, and hands are no-nos
since I work in a professional setting.

Maybe I should get this:

or maybe this over my Foxhole:


but I’m in the market for some ink.
But why does it feel like I’m picking out a gaddamn car?



5 thoughts on “Ink Me 911

  1. You should get “# 1 Stunna” hahahaha. I do like chest tatoos. I hate tatoos on the front and side of the neck!

  2. the pain subsides after a while j i have 2 and im getting more. just get what you like dont try to get what youve seen on other people thats lame. i will warn you that they are verry verry adictive. just dont go overbord with them like you said when you have a good job that dosent look good. pretty much your hands face and neck are a no no but everywhere else go crazy you could get your initals on the back of your arms.

  3. join the club….I been wanting to get inked up from years ago but yes I’m nervous too…all my friends then went crazy with the ink and i’m the only one who does not have a single tatt….lets bet J….we get one together!

  4. Because they’re permanent! Most of my friends have them and i was informed that it has to be something you really like and have liked for a while. And it can’t be something stupid and generic because you make wake up one day like 0.o? So in your case something involving a FOX would be the first thing that comes to mind.

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