i’m not in the same key with karaoke these days

karaoke came back up north for thanksgiving.
we decided to go to one of my favorite soul food spots,
“amy ruths”,
to catch up.
i ended up getting there a little late.
jamari fox has an issue with being on time.
i had “the rev. al sharpton” which is chicken and waffles.
that i put a quick shot of it on my ig stories:

 i came to a realization about us by the end of the night tho…

I think we may have grown apart

karaoke is married now.
she ended up marrying her own “work wolf”.
at this point,
i think she is giving 110% to her marriage.
he attended our lunch date as well.
in my opinion,
i think he’s really nice and a pretty handsome wolf.

before we met up yesterday,
she hasn’t hit me up in weeks.
maybe a solid month.
i could send her a text before marriage and she’d respond quick.
it would take no more than a day.
these days,
if i sent karaoke a text,
it may or may not get answered.
that was the first sign.
even though i enjoyed my time with her yesterday,
when it came time to chill after,
i was ready to go home.
there wasn’t any excitement to hang out further.
i’d want to do anything to be in her presence.
she ended up going to some rich gay wolf’s crib in the city.

…and even then,
i was like whatever.
i knew things were different when i sent a message at the end of the night:

“it was so good seeing you!
you have to come back when it’s warm.”

…and it was met with no response.
it made me a little sad,
but i think that’s just life.
our BFFs may fall off as we grow up.
the paths we choose may not always be the same.
it’s due to new loves,
having kids,
or all of the above.
the love and respect is there,
but the person isn’t any longer.
it was tough pill to swallow but i’m a big fox now.
after years of rejection,
i can be honest with myself about a situation.
i hope that one day we can be on the same path again.

lowkey: maybe…
it woulda been different if it was just us?

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “i’m not in the same key with karaoke these days

  1. I have been going thru this same thing. All of my friends are having kids, getting married and I’m the single friend who’s trying to adjust to their new lives. It sucks lol. But like you said “the love and respect will be there but the person isn’t there anymore.

  2. Jamari, this is exactly what I meant when I said I don’t want to meet anyone new.

    This same situation has transpired with everyone I know. People are getting married, having kids, or getting into relationships and your relationship with them changes instantly.

    Might not be a big issue to people that have a big circle of friends but that’s not the case with me.

    A few friends joined grad chapters of fraternities and went ghost as well. Smh

    1. ^ya know,
      when you sent me the response,
      i didn’t know how to respond as i am dealing with that very topic.

      i hold onto people i love and become friends with.
      it’s hard to understand why they’d dip so quick once they meet the one.
      it makes you feel like you were a placeholder in their lives.

      1. Bro, its even worse when they pop up from time to time to reach out and then leave you hanging with no response once they’ve gotten one from you.

        I’d rather they make a clean break and never reach out again. Texting me out of the blue after months with no communication is just foul to me.

        I mean we all get busy, but not leave you on read for months busy.

        1. ^i totally agree.

          my other friends will text and call to make sure i’m okay.
          i hope i never get like that to folks i’m close to.
          i don’t care how busy i get in my life or if a new male comes in it.

  3. Yeah this has happened to me before so many times. At this point I don’t even bother keeping in touch with folks. For me its like if we see each other then we see each other if not then thats okay too.

    The worst is when you find yourself being the only in the friendship who is actually keeping the friendship going…….

  4. OMG!!!!!! I went through something like that with a former favorite cousin of mine. He’s always been distant but there’s been a major shift. Recently, he disappeared as he normally does this time of year. It normally bothers me deeply, but this time I feel different. This time I felt it coming I know my spirit that’s probably it for awhile and I’m totally fine With that. Yay me!!

  5. Jamari,

    That food better not have been from Amy Ruth’s. They have insects, vermin, and none of their cooks are Black!

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