I Make The Best Love Faces

I want this dude.

I  really hope his swagg isn’t manufactured or built in an office.

Or worst off, he couldn’t fuck to save his life and this was all a tease.
Or worst than that, he was really a Fox and liked alot of anal play to make his Love Faces.

Either way, I need him in the Foxhole ASAP.


I wouldn’t even give him a chance.
As soon as we get in the crib….
I’d be on the dick like Supahead on a Friday night.

6 thoughts on “I Make The Best Love Faces

  1. idk, he strikes me as certified Fox; or he prefers it on the bottom…he might have some skills though…

      1. Who is this ‘we?’ The only thing I wanna try is to make him hit one of those high off-pitch notes when I got him bent over…lol

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