How About We Play “Hide and Film Wolf Tail” Today?

I am always curious as how these folks film Wolf and Fox tails on the street.
Leaves me to wonder if anyone of us have been filmed secretly…?
Oh and there is even a special celebrity Wolf in these bag of treats…


LOL at Gucci Man’s Wolf Tail


and the fattest TAIL of them all:



I’m about to have ya’ll send me your BEST Wolf or Fox tails on the street.
… but I don’t want anyone to get killed for it.

7 thoughts on “How About We Play “Hide and Film Wolf Tail” Today?

  1. The gag is these dudes must know they are being filmed. Sagging fetish is the new (old) underground trend. Trust me..they know what the deal is but we are going to pretend that we didn’t figure this out!

  2. I don’t like when men overtly sag. It’s not attractive to me. I don’t get turned on by it.
    A little sag is cool with me. But completely exposing yourself? No.

  3. How is he able to walk behind them for so long without them noticing? But I have love/hate relationship with saggers. On one hand, I think young bruthas should pull up their pants, but at the same time the ass be looking good lol. Seen this one dude (with the phattest ass) at the bodega last night, saggin with some red briefs. Shirt was riding all the way up, I was thinking he gotta know his shit hanging out smh

  4. I don’t understand why dudes do this — well, straight dudes. Not nan woman I know finds it attractive, only gay/bi guys. And it’s hella uncomfortable – always having to walk wide-legged or pulling up your pants. I get a little off the waist – I do that, but the most you’d see is the band of my drawers. It’s sloppy & nasty to me…at least until I see someone with a phatty lol.

    But in general – ugh!!

    1. Some really freaky girls like ass though. I’ve had some bold ass girls grab mine in the past. If I’m sagging a lot its usually because I forgot to put on a belt though.

      1. Of course they like grabbing ass, but that doesn’t mean they like seeing men show their asses in an unappropriate manner.

  5. Gucci has an ass that needs to be tapped ASAP, but that beer gut and that face is too much for me. UGH.

    The dude with the green drawls had a nice one too

    The dude in the last video wearing the red shirt had the best one. I’m glad he ain’t my friend cuz I would have tried something on him, I ain’t even Finns lie.

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