Herbalife Is Creating Some Fine Ass Men Tho

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 5.02.13 PMso it looks like men now have a hustle.
rather than selling drugs or pitching avon,
fine wolves everywhere are selling this thing called “herbalife”.

i know you’ve seen some wolves on instagram and even my site:

all the cute boys are doing it.
it’s creating the bodies you all want to suck on,
but what is it exactly?
personally i thought it was extract from weed plants,
a way to smuggle crack,
or a clever attempt to get some pussy.

one of my favorite readers said this in a recent comment box:

“I guess when the modeling career doesnt work out, the next thing is to become a health coach and convince others you can look like them, with a magic potion and few reps in the gym. I can see this still being very lucrative where there are still many people who are image conscious and gullible to any new thing or any cute face coming at them.”tajan

i’m starting to think it’s the fallback career for models,
and former attention whores whose careers didn’t take off.
am i wrong for thinking this?

tumblr_m35bzqWhkQ1ruw33do1_500well the positive thing is it’s safe,
it’s keeping black males doing something legal,
the wolves pitching it are FINE,
and gives me people to blog about,
maybe if you’re (or i) is lucky,
you can try the other promotion called herba-nut.
the one being served out a long (maybe thick) straw after a private presentation.
if so then sign me up!
i’m interested in a taste test of herba-nut.
i kid.

instagrams for these fine gentleman:

x body_by_lonnie
x theprolover
x sirstyle
x rome_capone
x iamtherealdp

12 thoughts on “Herbalife Is Creating Some Fine Ass Men Tho

  1. The thing they dont tell you about Herbalife is that it is just a network marketing scheme and its very expensive. The plan is to bring other people in to sell the product, and you get a cut, typical pyramid scheme, they trick you into thinking that you are gone make as much money as those people at the top of the pyramid. These dudes didnt need Herbalife to look like this and they all more than likely look like this before Herbalife. Herbalife does work and you can get good results but you pay upwards of about $100 or more per month for the all the supplements. I got conned into being a distributor a couple of years ago and when I realized the price, I got out of it because I did not want to milk my family and friends who could not afford these products. They actually recruit you when you are ripped, I remember when I was on my fitness journey and I actually lost my weight just following my own plan and by exercising and I was approached about coming to a meeting about extra income in the fitness industry. I was gung ho as I was really into health and fitness after losing a large amount of weight and they played up to this. The meetings have all these people who use to be big and who lost massive amounts of weight and so its easy to fall for the hype and they have a few dudes who look like these dudes you posted at the meeting hyping people up telling them how they are changing lives and making so much money doing it. You have to read the fine print. I only lost a $100 bucks but learned a valuable lesson about hype and marketing. I can see these fine ass dudes preying on people who think they are going to look like them in 2-3 months time by using these supplements. The truth is you can go to any fitness outlet, Costco, or even Walmart and get these same products for much cheaper and just follow a balanced diet and exercise and you can get the same results for much cheaper. I have to give it to Herbalife though, they have a booming Billion dollar business based on good marketing and I guess all these hot walking billboards are helping with the bottom line.

    1. ^nowwwwwwwwwww i get it.
      I knew there was a catch 22 somewhere.
      explains why these dudes are super brolic.
      i don’t mind at all,
      but I get it.

      im still interested in a taste test of herba-nut tho.
      that’s that underground hustle.

    2. Yep I chuckle at dudes I follow on instagram who have always been fit suddenly become herbalife coaches and attribute their weight loss to it out of the blue. Lol

  2. I used to crush on a singer who did modeling part time a few years ago.I decide to look him up and see what he’s doing now and I find out that he moved to southern California and every post of his is about working out and herbalife.I assume he gave up music and modeling because there’s no mention of either.He was getting to be a little old for modeling which is mid to late 20’s.I thought he’d continue with singing at least.I’m ashamed to admit this but I was blinded his looks.When I used to listen to him sing, I’d be all into it like “damn, he’s good.”I went back and watched those old videos of his and realized that I was more into his looks than his talent because he really wasn’t that good at it.I kind of cringed when I heard him sing.I was like “Wow, he sounds horrible.”

    He had a great personality too.He seemed down to Earth and a little goofy which is a major plus.I’m sad to say that because of this herbalife thing, he’s too ripped now.All he does is rag on his old body from a few years ago and I’m thinking “dude! your body was perfect back then.”Now him and his buddies are all ripped and I like I said before, there’s a limit to how ripped one should be.If your titties flex even though you’re not flexing them, it’s time to calm down on the working out and supplements.

  3. That boi Lonnie is bad af. He is definitely a standout from the rest of those guys, and he happens to be cute too. I am ready for him. I am not the thirsty type, but if he was my trainer I’d prob. hit on him lol.

  4. These are some sexy guys but the tattoo novelty is starting to wear off on me. I do think tattoos can look real sexy, but sometimes I think all the body art takes away from the body. Guys with two or three well placed tattoos look the best to me or none at all. As far as the herba-nut goes, sirstyle could definitely give me a sample…better yet I think I need a lifetime supply.

    1. ^all the light skin boys get the “someone drew all over us” look.
      i’m like you sam.
      couple well placed tats and i’m good.
      sirstyle is sexy as hell.
      i could do with some lonnie too.

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