halloween ends very badly

on my day off,
i decided i was gonna check out halloween ends.
michael myers is my fav slasher-killing demon so i was ready.
i was extra brave because i was gonna watch it at night.
so i got my spot all extra dark with my black-out curtains,
put on my noise-canceling headphones for added effect,
and got comfy in my bed.
20 minutes into the movie…


this movie went completely off the rails.
it was written and acted like it was made for the cw network.
when laurie told her she gotta pull her tits out and give the middle finger

was this the same paranoid woman from the first one?

i had to wonder if the makers of riverdale were behind this.

When did Michael Myers need a sidekick?

Why did he only get a total of 15 minutes in a 2-hour movie?

Why is a 20-something-year-old getting picked on by band geeks?

i had so many questions.
i’ve never watched a movie where i was excited for it to end.
i paused it just to go look at reviews to see if it was just me.
the stop button was looking at me like:


… but i had to keep watching.
i made a vocal about it because i need the foxhole to hear my dismay.
it contains spoilers but that movie was pure trash.


i go into more detail about almost every scene,
why things didn’t make sense,
and i wanna fight whoever wrote this script.


lowkey: halloween h2o will be where i end this saga in my head.

that was the best ending before they started jumping the shark.

4 thoughts on “halloween ends very badly

    1. ^ exactly but i read a producer didn’t like the ending so they kept going.
      they are heading into f13 reboots that start becoming trash.

  1. That’s unfortunate when a favorite goes South. I feel your pain since I’ve been disappointed by sequels I looked forward to or even just movies I looked forward to many times. It’s no fun!

    I didn’t even watch Halloween till 3 years ago though & wasn’t enamored w/it. But that’s through the eyes of someone who didn’t get into horror until the early ’00s lol. I know it’s an iconic series & groundbreaking since nothing had been done like it before.

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