Foxy Lifestyle: Scent of a Fox

Hi I’m Jamari Fox and I’m addicted to smelling good.

It is a really nasty habit I picked up somewhere.
I done spent 150 dollars today on various colognes.
I think I have a problem…

I love to smell good.
I love to take showers.
I love to feel clean.
I love to smell like something fresh out the fragrance section in Macys.

All day I had Vixens going bananas over this particular scent I was wearing.
Ok for my Foxes and Wolves, I’ll share what it was:

That is “come fuck me” in a bottle.
I use some other joints too, but I’ll keep those under wraps.
I can’t give away all my secrets.

It is imperative that as a Fox, you smell GOOD.
You can use regular soap and water but to enhance your Fox-dom,
a signature scent is KEY in trapping Wolves.

I remember one night I was about to get some Wolf,
I sprayed this one particular scent I use to wear on me before he came over.

… let’s just say he couldn’t keep his hands and lips off my body.

Now first things first…
what do you want to smell like?
Usually your scent should be a reflection of who you are as a person.
The aura and the vibe should say “YOU”.
That is the first thing.

Woody? (i.e – Dior Fahrenheit)
Musky? (i.e – Burberry Classic)
Aromatic? (i.e – Prada Infusion)
Fresh? (i.e -Acqua di Gio)

whatever scent you do pick MUST go with your body chemistry.
Just because it smells good in the bottle doesn’t mean it will on your skin.
I have sprayed some scents on me that did not go well with my body;
therefore it was unbearable to handle.

when you find your signature scent to go out on the prowl,
put them on the key places on your body that will generate heat.


Your nose will become desensitized to your scent after a while.
Do not fear and think that just because you cannot smell it anymore that it isn’t working.
Trust, we can smell it.
Some colognes are LOUD so one or two spritz will do the trick.

I usually spray mine on the back on my neck, behind my knees, and on my chest.


When you go to the club or a lounge,
you should wear your “strongest” scent.
At work,
you should wear your “lightest” scent.
Outings with friends,
you can mix and match depending on the event.
…. and if a Wolf is coming over,
something “sexy”.

I want you to have about 4 signature scents in your arsenal.
Pick and choose when you use them.

So go forth and test out some scents and let me know what you choose.



7 thoughts on “Foxy Lifestyle: Scent of a Fox

  1. UGH. I HATE MEN’S COLOGNES…HELL I dont like women’s parfums either. I dont wear it, cant get with it honey. I stick to mi body chemistry fragrances that work well with my african skin. I used to work with folks that sold all types of parfums and made them themselves and I have seen a lot. A lot of that does not fit black skin chemistry, but hell if you spray enough, anything can I guess lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Behind your knees? lol Thats a new one. I’m a fragrance person myself but i found that guys like woman’s scents a lot too so i wear those too. Im partial to woodys scents. I dont like anything that smells like something you can eat.

    1. don’t even sleep,
      some women’s scents smell real good and can match your body chemistry as a man.
      if you were to pour a women’s scent in a sean john bottle,
      you would not know it was a women’s scent so those labels mean nothing…

      …unless you are smelling like a bomb of flowers.

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