f0x asks: Noticing Something With Our Favorite Victor Cruz…

well besides the typical
but i have been noticing something during all the games…

why is he throwing up the roc sign after his salsa dance?
does he have a deal in the works?
is he about to start rapping to reggaeton?
or, is he throwing it up because he listens to “99 problems” before each game?

any takers f-bi?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “f0x asks: Noticing Something With Our Favorite Victor Cruz…”

  1. Victor Cruz is a hot and sexy man! I love him from head to toe! Great smile and personality and a body to match!

    1. Yea they make that sign to show their good catching hands. Y’all don’t get me wrong ve is sexy as shit but i still feel that lary Fitzgerald and Marcus colston can give him a run for his money…… just to name a few lol

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