f0x Asks… (3)

This maybe a silly question to some…
but I always believe that no question is ever silly enough to ask…


Have you ever wondered if a guy has ever looked at YOU and said:

“Wow, he is really beautiful/fine/sexy/handsome”?

… instead of you always saying it in your head?

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9 thoughts on “f0x Asks… (3)”

  1. Yes!
    I’m always curious as to how I come off to guys in passing, especially the ones I see on a daily basis. I mean I get stares from time to time but that could mean anything.

    I wish I could read minds. lol

  2. Well… i don’t necessarily “wonder” because I get told from time to time. “You’re sexy” is the #1 compliment. I’ve gotten “You’re beautiful” a few times, one of those times was from a contemporary artists I’m a fan of so after that my life was pretty much complete. I can tell which stares are just glances versus which ones are of general interests (they linger longer). I attribute all this to the culture of ATL though where if you’re cute they will tell you to your face. I will admit to wanting to know what the guys who i think are drop-dead gorgeous think of my though. Sometimes they’re opinions count a little bit more.

    But mostly, I’d like to know when the thought is “Wow, I’d really like to wife him up.”Because so far.. i haven’t experienced too much of that.

    1. ^wholeheartedly agree.

      the ones who we are attracted to are always a blank canvas, so you never truly know.
      i wished, with them, they would be a lot more telling in their approach because, with those types, it matters.

      BTW Vain – you got a very interesting comment to your reply in that female artist i featured recently entry down below.

  3. Well usually I get I’m cute but personally I don’t see myself that way. Example I can be at the gym doing pull ups or curls and I get people all the time saying they wish they had my body and drive but I don’t see it. I can be at the store and see people stare and I think I have a booger or something. I guess all the years as the fat kid can change your self image

    1. I work in a high-profile field and I recently went to a convention and met with others in the same profession. These are some of the most beautiful black people in the country so yes, my confidence was a lil shaken. But I have been told that I’m a goodlooking dude, as recently as this week. While I think I look better on some days, I think my look is average.

  4. I know they’ve said it (and women too), sometimes because I find out afterwards if we date or become friends. I was too shy/shaken/lacking onfidence to do anything or believe them. I still get into that mode, but I’m trying to break out because if I think I look good (not in an arrogant or cocky way), then it resonates off me to others. And obviously, people have found me attractive, so I’m doing something right.

    So I try to let that feed me instead of doubt & insecurity…

  5. No I can read minds.

    If you can spot someone else’s beauty, attractiveness, or sexiness rest assured someone can spot yours AND reveal themselves to you when they do.

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