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love and hiphop new york is back!
i finally got into the comeback episode tonight and these are my thoughts…

peteryaminataratara/peter gunz/amina love triangle

first of all,
i love tara’s speaking voice.
that voice sounds like something beyond community college.
it sounds like morals and home training.
um peter gunz talmbout he been in he business for 15 years.
what you been doing?
i only remember you from this:

…plus how you been in the industry for 15 years,
but ya’ll living in this small ass one bedroom with 2 kids?
like what are you telling me?
amina butterlfy
i thought that tatt was a hole for throat cancer.
i was waiting for her to put a pipe in it to start talking.
i was so mad he was eating her cooch on that piano tho!!!!
how disrespectful was that????
how you gonna marry your side thing while with you current thing?
crown has been snatched from stevie j.
so i guess they are going about this stevie j/mimi/joseline story line.
okay yeah that never gets tiring.

Yandy-Smithyandy and metamucil’s prison love

okay this shit here…
you not gonna tell me she didn’t know what crimes he was doing.
“there are people who murder people.
he has a family at home.
i just don’t understand it…”

yes yandy like he wasn’t sitting up here DRUG TRAFFICKING.
then crying every two seconds and talmbout he didn’t ask her if she was pretty.
stop it.

tahiry-love-and-hip-hop-ny-season-3-gumbumper-2joey and tahiry’s snooze fest

sorta over them.
i mean they waiting for std tests and all this shit…
don’t they realize joe budden is crazy?
yes he has the phone sex voice,
but fuck him and keep him as emergency dick in a glass.
i don’t get why they try to make something work with him.
i think they need a love triangle or they will be a snore this season.

erica-mena-love-and-hip-hop-ny-season-3-gumbumperrich the smurf and erica mena

erica mena looks absolutely stunning this season.
she went to the same hair dresser as yandy,
they got that pochantas exxotical weave going on.
erica got a mouth on her.
i like that.
even though she is pretty p rican parrot,
i got to give it to her.
rich = eh.
he just seems like a dork or something.
same ol same ol with them.
waiting for my favorite line:


KMichelleV_LoveAndHipHop_Atlanta1k michelle’s new beginnings

word to life,
i thought that was ices brown in that navi waiting for her:

ices-brown-rides-it-2-0soooo k michelle got on the plane with a long flowing koolaid cherry weave
and came out in new york with a short cut?
was there a hair dresser on the flight?
either way,
i hope we see more scenes from her or she is heading into “and why are you here?” territory.
she is getting her own show so we’ll see.
its not a k michelle party if she isn’t helping someone’s story line.
so did anyone watch tonight?

x watch episode 1 of season 4, love and hiphop


Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “DID HE EAT HER COOCH ON THAT PIANO?!?!”

  1. The baby mama and side chick scenario is tired ugh. Really tired.

    That Joe is handsome as hell ain’t he?.He looked healthy and very clean. Got a nice figure too. That scene where him and Tahiry was on that date, I had a clear view at that ass.

    Is Rich on his grown man shit? He seems like he’s matured a little.

    I’m ready to See Erica’s girl on girl action. I love it lol.

  2. K.Michelle is getting her own show?Que the male models, because I know she’ll be going on dates.I always know not to watch a reality show with black women on it because one of them is always single and another one always happens to have a bunch of male friends for her to date, the male friends also happen to be models.That shit is lather, rinse, repeat.Ugh, again VH-1.When will they realize these people work better in small doses.Nobody wants to watch an entire show about them.I can’t believe they brought back Chrissy & Mr.Jones.These characters don’t work when they’re on their own show.They might as well give Jocelyn and Stevie J a spin off too.

    WTF is that fat girl doing in that gif.She looks like she’s really trying to kill that dance move.Her face is all serious and determined.

  3. Joe is the only good looking man in that show and I love me some Erica Mena. But I couldn’t help but love K. Mitchell kool aid hair, wow I haven’t had kool aid for a long time. Tahiry has a beautiful body and a big behind, but her face is okay sort of. I always confused Rich Dollaz with that guy from Atlanta with no neck.

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