Dude Was Going To Make Sure He Looked Just Like A Lady

b1bfe977_edit_img_facebook_post_image_file_845153_1433186383RXp1bm.fbshareits all about presentation.
this is why i tell people to make sure their presentation is right the first time.
you don’t get a second chance.
people will always remember how they met you.
caitlyn jenner thought just that for her debut as a lady.
this is what she told vanity fair via tmz

Caitlyn Jenner did not want to look like a pretend woman when she transitioned from a man to a woman.

Caitlyn told Vanity Fair it was extremely important that she presented herself as feminine.

Beyond cosmetics, Caitlyn talks about the isolation she felt in the ’80s, and how the Internet became her salvation because it provided a connection with people in similar circumstances.

And Caitlyn talks about her role models, many of whom are famous including Laverne Cox from “Orange Is the New Black.”

i’m still a little confused how caitlyn can be a republican tho.
they don’t exactly like “us” and they def let it be known.
although i’m sure many of them do this:

tumblr_inline_mm1cjoLoUp1qz4rgp…underneath their suits.
either way i guess since caitlyn did this,
this has extended the clock of that family by a couple hours.
they are like roaches.
i swear that are.

ima need mama c to do something about her daughter tho.


not in school
 following around tyga’s grown 25 year old ass.
^this is still a problem.

maybe she is rebelling?

quote taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Dude Was Going To Make Sure He Looked Just Like A Lady”

  1. On Caitlyn, I’m glad she told them exactly how she wanted to come across, everyone has been talking about how feminine she comes across in the photos.

    On Kylie, …………………………..smh

  2. I notice Caitlyns breasts. I suppose that those are a combination of hormone therapy and breast enhancement surgery with implants. Does Caitlyn still have a penis?

  3. According to the guy who wrote the VF article Caitlyn has not had the genital surgery.The guy was just on Entertainment Tonight.
    Dennis Rodman told tmz sports that he will go out with Caitlyn if she asked him out.I bet Caitlyn is re thinking the transition.

      1. I was joking as in, if Dennis Rodman want to date me I will re consider being a woman.I forget to add jk(just kidding)

  4. I’m still not understanding why Tyga and everyone else thinks that it’s ok for him to be with a 17 year old. He is acting like its no big deal. I think it’s gross.

      1. Not to mention this man has a child. What 17 year old wants to deal with stress of having a kid.

        Kylie has so much money and privilege and chooses to waste it on lip filler and a washed up rapper. SHAME!

    1. Well,sir I’ll tell ya why its simple they have money and the rules don’t apply to them only the peons have to follow those rules these folks live in a bubble an alternate reality peons like us should know our place so how dare you have any objection to their love lol! And as for gross what you mean? Your the homosexual you should be looking up to them for guidance on how to live a hetero-normative lifestyle silly goose lol!

    2. @eric- hey Eric I hope you didn’t take offense to my reply to your comment it was just a cheeky way to be funny and I hope it came across in the spirit I meant it in.

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