Dreams of the Wolf of my Dreams

I had a dream last night…
One I could not shake…
One that stayed with me the whole day and made me feel so good…
I like those dreams because those are the ones you want to keep sleeping so it could continue…
Before we get into it, I had to ask:

You ever had a dream of a Wolf that you never meet before?
But in the dream, he was your man?

Well that was my dream last night…

All I know I was in some car with him and he was not talking.
Matter a fact, he never spoke in the whole dream.
He just smiled as he looked at me.
The way he looked at me was with pure infatuation.
From what I remember, he was:

Toned to medium build
Caramel complexion
Nice pink full lips
Handsome face
Fade, with some nice waves

Had a hoody, white T, and basketball shorts on

We got out the car and we were at some baseball stadium.
As we are walking through the parking lot, Wolf pulls out a cigarette… AND STARTS TO SMOKE IT!
If anyone knows me, knows I am not attracted to dudes who smoke.
But for whatever reason, I let him do his thing.
He paid our tickets and when we got inside,  we  got inside and he leaned against the wall to finish smoking.
I grabbed his index finger with one hand and started rubbing it and smiling.
We were both looking at each other; smiling.
Then, I saw all these people running.
We turned our faces towards the direction…

…and then I woke up.


He traveled with me all day.
I never saw this dude a day in my life but those feelings I had…
Those good feelings kept me happy during one of the BUSIEST days of my life.
Maybe I will meet him in my future.
Who knows…

Just wanted to share that LOL
Random as hell, I know.
But just an entry.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Dreams of the Wolf of my Dreams”

  1. We all have a dream wolf I think it’s the qualities and features we see in wolves everyday rolled into 1. But just keep dreaming Jamari your alpha wolf is out there

  2. Hmmm I wonder what that whole dream meant though?

    If I have weird dreams I have to look them up online or it will drive me crazy.

      1. I do all the time…like immediately when I wake up.

        Had a dream I was just chillin with a pride of lions like I was one. Turns out it was about strength and it meant I would make it through whatever hardships Im experiencing.

  3. Could it be a premonition? I don’t know about y’all but I get Dejavu a lot. After going through the experience I was like damn I dreamt it and now I’m living it. Never know Jamari, it could be something from the future!

    1. I get deja vu ALL. THE. TIME. Its cray because it’ll be like random like i remember looking around a room and thinking the same thoughts. I interpret it is im heading in the right direction.

      Sucks that you woke up at that moment. Would have been nice to hold his finger for a bit longer.

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