Did Work Wolf Leave Without Saying Goodbye?

so i guess this may be the end of the “work wolf”saga.
it started with no texts from him.
give a pineapple some space.
see when i was walking towards the building this morning annnnnnnd…
he saw me and pretty much ignored me.
thats when i realized there is a shift aka the end in our relationship.
it hurt a little.
i felt that sting.
the embarrassment rung like bells in my head.
i asked myself something while at my desk today…

Should i really be sad?

right now,
i can say i do feel sad.
a little angry,
but sadness is the main emotion.
i can be honest and say i feel like i fucked it up.

maybe i was too honest?
maybe i asked the wrong questions?
maybe i “blah blah blah” and “yadda yadda yadda”?

i didn’t do anything more than be myself.
for once i was bold when it came to a crush.
the story could have been just me admiring from afar.
they say a closed mouth don’t get fed.
well i was hungry.

sure i thought there was “something”,
and he didn’t exactly act like there wasn’t,
but in the end this is the conclusion.
as much as i like to think i fucked up,
can i really blame myself?

we had fun.
well i had fun with him.
if this is what ended our “friendship”,
then was he really a friend to begin with?
even though he said we were “friends for life” and all that jazz?
hell he could just be having a bad week.
i have to learn that not everything is about me.

if worse comes to worse,
i won’t get bitter from this.
this was a learning lesson.
even for you.
we all have to experience things through fuck shit.
we need to be in the train wreck.
sometimes we need to cause it.
i could be cocky and say i’m the best thing that was in his life.
i mean he won’t.
i’m being real.
now its time to get back to my life.
i guess the hard part will be still seeing him every day.
not to mention the regret and the “coulda woulda shoulda”.
thats what makes me sad.


lowkey: thanks to everyone who didn’t judge me with this.
i do respect all opinions,
but when your feelings are hurt,
you just want a shoulder.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “Did Work Wolf Leave Without Saying Goodbye?”

      1. Oh, you texted him already? Damn, I’m sorry man. It is cold to be cut off like that, if that is the case.

  1. It’s ok to feel sad if the friendship did end, but don’t blame yourself at all. And you are also right that maybe he is having a bad week. Don’t beat yourself up over this, just take what you have learned from this situation and use it as fertilizer for growth. If he is your friend like he say he is, he will be back in your life, but you have to no and understand that it will and should be on a friendship level only. And lastly, don’t ever feel like you have to apologize for being you or being upfront and open with someone. Keep your head up!

      1. Feeling embarrassed is sometimes a natural reaction, but guess what…we learn from embarrassment. I’m also proud of you that you did take a risk, because without that risk you would have only been wondering about the what ifs. Like I said, if he is your friend, you will find out very soon.

  2. I have never commented here in years(even though i wrote u a foxmail letter- published et al)…. Jamari, you will be fine. It kinda stings like a b*tch but eventually you will get by. You were an open book- that’s what counts in every relationship. If Work Wolf don’t like it- his loss! If he comes round or not, be polite(even to that trick Liar Liar)- God has a way of making everything work out.

    1. ^i will never be rude.
      thats going too far.
      if he does what he does then thats on him.
      i won’t turn him down if he tried to talk to me.
      i’m getting mentally prepared if the end is here tho.

      1. You are welcome. It’s the least I can do. If I wasn’t 900 miles away, I’d try to find you and hug you for real

  3. Don’t you think you are overthinking a little? Just because he didn’t talk to you one time doesn’t mean anything Jamari. Maybe you should text him. Yea I said it. Friendship works both ways, it is not a one way street. Please, do not let your fellow Foxes in the comments persuade you not to because they definitely will. They are not in a relationship y’all, they are friends, games are not necessary. That could actually lead to a cut off as well.

      1. ^J, I thik you may be overthinking this. He’s probably going through something right now, and being the macho male that he is…just doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now. Have you seen him communicating with others in the office? Something’s going on…and you’ll find out soon enough. Even though he may be a player…I honestly believe that his friendship with you means a lot to him. He’s processing something right now, so just give him his space.

      2. It’s only been a couple of days, you’re jumping to conclusions with no evidence. It’s not a bad thing if he wants some space from time to time, its healthy. I have a friend that I can only hang out sparingly with because they kind of get on my nerves lol but they’re one of my best friends and I am loyal to them. I just need my space from them from time to time.

        Idk, maybe there’s something to it but its still too early to tell.

        “He will get back to me when he’s ready” should be your train of thought right now, and save yourself the hassle of stress lol.

  4. But haven’t you done the same thing to him. Not text, turn off your phone for a couple of days? Don’t take it personal and don’t overthink it. Maybe he’s having a bad day and needs some time to refocus like you did. Use this time to focus on you. That’s what the universe is telling you.

      1. Just be easy. No expectations. Again u are not all to blame all the way. It may not seem like it but u did the best thing for u. Work Wolf def enjoyed the admiration for whatever his reasons. Aint no telling what liar liar said to him, and u definately will see how he is now that things are put to the test. He may pleasently surprise or dissapoint u. Either way u will see the truth and thats whats best.

  5. Just ask what’s going. You’ve done way bolder things to him (that’s not even saying that much). If he says the ship a sailing, then you would have to let it sail.

  6. I am sure you are overthinking it. My work boo and I “kiss” and make up all the time. We are both stubborn AF but passionate about our friendship at the same time. Guys don’t sweat stuff that long. Hang tough J!!!

  7. I don’t know to say cause I’m kinda on the same boat. I haven’t talk to my friend for two months now I think, but I don’t bother to speak with him because he told me he’s busy with work a lot. So idk

  8. Personally I would not text him.I would wait for him to contact me.You don’t miss your water ’til the well runs dry.Don’t chase after him.Your friendship is the prize.

    1. Say it louder for the people in the back!

      I’m not chasing no friend or anyone. You need space? Go to the moon for all I care! Maybe when you decide you want to start talking to me I won’t feel like it.

  9. If he doesn’t respond or spesk to you sometime tomorrow, I definitely think you should try to engage him in a face to face. After that last conversation you two had, I think it’s only fair that he tell you straight up to your face what it is. Not saying that you need to “chase” him, but if he wants to drop you he should be a man about it. If he still tries to ignore you, then fuck em.

  10. Boys aint nothin but trouble.Cant live wit em cant love
    Cant live wit out em cant trust em …….
    Thats why i got commitment issues

  11. He may be weighing his options. You put it all on the line and it probably was overwhelming for him. You made him fall for you and he doesn’t know how to feel. It’s hard on him to pick between a male and a female if he is scared. Liar Liar could also be blackmailing him. Just make sure you are there for him when he is ready. Remember friends, right?

  12. People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. If he doesn’t accept you for the real you (and the best you), then say good-bye.

  13. I already told you that if you wanted to release the feeling of anguish that you had the options of either ending your friendship or tell him how you truly feel. At least you were honest. That’s all you could have done. Whatever happens now is out of your control. At least you got rid of that overwhelming feeling. And now you can just get on with your day. Don’t chase him, if he really wants to speak to you then best believe that he would have spoke. Especially considering the way he used to treat you. Maybe next time a better wolf who is actually into guys will come into your life and that will be a better blessing.

  14. I think you are WAYYY overthinking this. He seems like a genuine friend who really appreciated your time and opinions. I have friends from the military that I haven’t communicated with in 20 years, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love them or them me. Be easy, you are a great friend and I am sure that he appreciates you

  15. I hope everything between the two of you works out. You might be overthinking it but only YOU know and see him if you feel a certain vibe or shift, than by all means you should feel the way you do. Your emotions are valid I say keep your head up high and keep that positive vibe about your self up. Remember put you and your feelings first not his.

  16. Wait, did something happen as to why you think he would cut you off or not say goodbye? Last time I read, you two were good and still in contact. Did I miss something? Lol

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